From catwalk to Vogue cover, St Tropez takes credit for delivering smooth and flawless bronzed bodies.

St Tropez is the World’s number one in sunless tanning and combined with the skill of our therapists you can trust us to get it right.

St Tropez has a pleasant aroma and gives a natural, streak-free appearance to give you a sun-kissed look. Having colour on your skin gives an instant lift and a feeling of wellbeing.

Whether you are looking for a gentle glow or a darker colour, St Tropez will give you your ultimate tan  all year round. Ideal for:

  • Holiday preparation
  • Special occasions
  • Pale ‘end of winter’ skin
  • Feeling good about yourself!


St Tropez Tanning

This classic hand-applied treatment delivers exceptionally smooth, rich bronze results.

It includes full-body exfoliation and custom blending of St. Tropez bronzing lotion to give you a beautiful, long-lasting, natural-looking tan.

A ‘half-body’ option can also be chosen which is suitable for either:

  • Legs, or
  • Face, neck, arms & upper back

If you need waxing treatments it is advisable to have these 48 hours before your tanning.

Please wear loose, dark clothing. Clothing or shoes that rub against the skin will remove the tan.

Plan your visit so that you do not need a shower for several hours following your treatment.

Your stunning tan will last approximately 5-8 days. To prolong the life of your tan:

Don’t exfoliate and try to use soap-free shower gel

Pat, rather than rub your body dry after showering to keep the tanned skin cells for longer on your skin.

Moisturise your body after each shower

Try not to wax or shave straight after having a tan

Avoid activity that would make you perspire for up to 10 hours

Avoid chlorinated water

Avoid essential oils

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