Skin Imperfection Removal

Do you have milia, skin tags, red veins, warts, seborrhoeic keratosis or Seborrhoeic hyperplasia? These an all be quickly and easily removed.

We are specialists in:

  • Short wave diathermy (cautery),
  • IPL (intense pulsed light)
  • Cryopen (cryotherapy) to remove many harmless but annoying skin imperfections.

Some methods of treatment are more suited to certain lesions than others.  For your first visit you will need a Consultation and a patch test.

The lesions we treat are:

  • Cherry angioma. These small red ‘dots’ usually appear on the upper trunk and limbs. They can be easily removed with Cryopen, Red vein IPL or short wave diathermy. You can read more under ‘red vein’ removal’
  • Spider naevi. A central red ‘body’ for capillaries with small ‘legs’ radiating outwards.
  • Red vein removal. Small red veins on the face can easily be removed with IPL or short wave diathermy. You can read more about red veins on the separate page.
  • Skin tags on the neck, under arms, groin, eyelid and other areas where skin chafes against skin, clothing agains skin or jewellery against skin. These can be removed with either Cryopen or short wave diathermy.
  • Seborrhoeic keratosis. Sometimes called the ‘barnacles of old age’, these warty plaques usually occur on the torso and are often quite disfiguring. We use short wave diathermy to remove these.
  • Wart removal. Safe and effective wart removal with Cryopen. Individual wart removal is classed as a ‘medium’ treatment per wart due to the treatment timing.
  • Milia. Small, hard, pearly lumps sometimes known as ‘milk spots’ can easily be removed with either Cryopen or short wave diathermy or micro lancing.
  • Pigment patches. Dark brown patches can be removed easily with either short wave diathermy, IPL or Cryopen. Pigmentation also responds well to Pro power peels and Rejuvapen. You can read more under ‘pigmentation removal’

Only book online if you are booking a treatment that you have had with us before.

When you are booking online for any of these treatments please select the treatment suitable for the lesion type you have: ‘Cryopen’ short wave diathermy or ‘IPL’ and select the appropriate treatment length.

  • A ‘small’ treatment is for a couple of little skin imperfections and a treatment time of 10 minutes is booked.
  • A ‘medium’ treatment is for several skin lesions or a larger single lesion and a 20 minute time is booked.
  • ‘Large’ treatment times are for more extensive work either for multiple lesions or for a few large lesions such as large skin tags. A ‘large’ treatment is booked for 30 minutes.

The post-treatment advice will depend on which removal method has taken place, the area and the quantity of lesions removed.

You will be given post treatment advice at your appointment.

It is always wise to avoid scheduling in treatments of this nature too close to any special events or holiday.

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