Men’s Foot care

Tarporley, Cheshire

Thank your feet for their continuous support at Sensoria!

All our pedicures commence with the Beverly Hills Footsie Massage BathTM which is like no other pedicure bowl. It has no nooks and crannies so does not harbour germs giving you a hygienic and refreshing start to your foot treatment.

Essential Pedicure

Shaping and filing of toe nails, full cuticle work, hard skin removal. Instead of varnish application we include a foot massage


Luxury Spa Pedicure

Shaping and filing of toe nails, full cuticle work, hard skin removal, exfoliating treatment, warm mask to nourish and repair, foot massage


Walker’s Pedicure

The original owners of the hotel were the first people to write a book on walking from Lands End to John O’Groats. As a tribute to them and as a treat to all the walkers who come to the hotel this pedicure has an extended and deep foot massage.


Callus peel

Callus peel melts away unwanted hard skin and takes only 20 minutes.

The treatment targets the hard skin / calluses on your feet with skin softening patches followed with scrapping away the hard skin leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalised. They are finished with a light buff.

We recommend regular treatment every 2-3 weeks although results can be seen in the first treatment. A home care plan is recommended to maintain results between treatments.
“I feel as if I’m walking on air!” J.B., Preston
“I’m a builder and my feet take some hammering  – pedicures help” B.P., Chester

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