Men’s Ear Piercing

Tarporley, Cheshire

At Sensoria we use Caflon for a superior ear piercing service which is fast, painless and hygienic. We are Local Authority registered and our studs and procedures comply with public health authority guidelines.

Men can choose from one or two ear piercings.

Pre-treatment advice
Please ensure that the hair is tied back for this procedure to ensure a hygienic and efficient application of the studs. You will need to keep the studs in the ears for six weeks following piercing so schedule your piercing to allow this to occur.


Post-treatment advice

Aftercare solution is included in the price and must be applied as directed following treatment. 
Your ears are pierced under hygienic conditions. It is important that you adhere strictly to the detailed printed after care procedures you will receive to avoid any infection occurring with the piercing.

Always wash your hands with hot, soapy water before touching your ears.
Avoid swimming any activity where micro organisms can come into contact with the piercing. 
In the unlikely event of the ear lobes starting to swell, remove the back of the ear stud immediately. If pus forms visit your GP. If you are uncertain about any of the above points please call us.

“It was worth travelling to get the attention to detail and safety I wanted for ear piercing”,  S.J., Wrexham

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