IPL Red Vein

Red veins can be unsightly and annoying.

With IPL we can treat:

  • Small red spots (cherry angioma)
  • Networks of small red veins (telangiectasis)
  • Spider naevi, red veins which have a small dot in the centre and ‘legs’ radiating out from the centre.
  • Rosacea

Removal of red veins can give a more youthful and calmer appearance to the skin removing or reducing, the need for use of heavy camouflage creams and foundations.

IPL works by causing the blood to coagulate in the small blood vessels which is then naturally broken down and absorbed by your body.

We frequently use IPL to treat the red veins associated with Rosacea.

Rosacea affects millions of fair-skinned people. It starts with flushing and can progress to red veins, pustules and papule and sometimes a bulbous nose. IPL is an effective method for treating rosacea.

Removal of red veins on the face and cherry angioma on the trunk is very successful. We rarely treat leg blood capillaries as they tend not to respond so well to treatment.

If IPL is not for you we also offer short wave diathermy which is ideal for small red veins, spider naevi and cherry angioma.

Red veins also respond well to Skin Needling (Rejuvapen®)

We carry out a full consultation prior to your treatment, however please alert us if you are on blood thinning medication, steroid medications, if you are diabetic or have any major health challenges.

Avoid all sun exposure and fake tans for at least one month prior to treatment.

Avoid sun exposure

Avoid saunas and steam rooms

Avoid vigorous exercise

Avoid the use of perfumed products or makeup on the treated area

Avoid exfoliation and facials for at least one week

Where a high factor sunscreen

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