IPL Pigmentation Removal

Dark brown or ‘mottled’ patches on the skin can give an ageing effect and in some cases can be disfiguring.

The backs of the hands and the sides of the face are areas where dark or ‘age spots’ are most likely to occur due to exposure to ultra violet light over the years.

Sun damage is easily removed with IPL, but also look at our Cryopen options. Pigmentation also responds well to Pro Power Peel and Rejuvapen (Skin Needling).

Treatment with IPL will initially make the patches appear darker and ‘rougher’. The pigment then comes to the surface, almost like coffee grains, before being shed.

It is essential that the ‘new’ skin underneath is protected with high protection sunscreen until the skin has returned to ‘normal’.

As pigmentation damage is quite deep it is likely to return if a high factor sunscreen is not worn following treatment. So continuous use of sunscreen if recommended to prevent the pigmentation from returning.

Please be aware that if you have a history of melasma (pregnancy mask) you will be unsuitable for treatment and treatment could make the condition worse. We will assess this at your Consultation.

We carry out a full consultation and patch test at least one week prior to treatment to ensure the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

Please be aware that you must avoid fake tan and sunlight exposure for at least one month prior to your patch test and subsequent IPL treatments.

Please select the correct ‘size’ of treatment for the patches that you have. If you need help or advice you can call us.

The patch test is sometimes sufficient for one small patch measuring up to 1cm in diameter.

Following treatment, the area needs to be kept cool and heat treatments or sun exposure should be avoided.

Avoid sun exposure and fake tan between treatments.

Avoid exfoliating the skin and let the treated areas desquamate (flake off) naturally.

High factor sunscreen will need to be applied to the treated areas.

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