Ear Piercing

Our fully-qualified piercing specialists have many years of experience in carrying out ear piercing for your peace of mind.

We use a hand pressured instrument with individually sealed hypoallergenic piercing studs which comply with the local Public Health Authority.

The Caflon system of ear piercing is used which is fast, painless and hygienic.

Aftercare solution is included in the price of the treatment.

Children under 18 will need the consent of a parent or guardian (Piercing from the age of 5 only).

We only pierce ear lobes, not cartilage. A registered body piercer is recommended for cartilage piercing.

Please attend this service with hair secured back away from the ears.

If this is your second set of earrings please remove the first set before your appointment.

Ensure that you are suitable for treatment. Diabetics, poor healing response and certain medications such as blood-thinning drugs or prescribed steroids may make you unsuitable for this service.

Thoroughly wash your hands with hot soapy water before touching your ears or ear studs.

Twice a day, apply the aftercare solution to the back and front of the ear between the ear lobe and the ear ring.

Turn the front of the ear ring round as I you are winding up a wrist watch. This will be difficult at first as the ear will be a little ‘sticky’ but it is important to keep the stud freely moving in the ear.

Keep hair tied back and away from the ear lobes where possible.

Leave studs in for at least 6 weeks and do not leave them out for prolonged periods following the initial 6 weeks.

Replace the stud with a good quality ear ring

If you notice any swelling in the ear take the back of the ear stud off immediately and seek medical help.

If you have any pus, pay or swelling in the ear seek medical help.

If you are unsure about anything please do not hesitate to contact us.

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