Prior to many of our services a consultation is advisable and in some cases essential for your health and safety. Consultations allow us to not only work safely by finding out if you are suitable for the treatments that you have selected but also to tailor- make your treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

Sometimes Treatments that are booked are not always the best Treatments to deliver the results expected. The consultation allows us to get a better understanding of what you need and for us to work together to make suggestions based on the information you give us.

It is also a really good way of getting to know you so that we can find out what your beauty, grooming or well-being goals are.

Our consultations are:

  • Client check-in. This essential for every new client and is for the basic information needed so that we can create a file for you where we securely hold information about your Treatments for future reference.
  • Consultation for Skin Needling
  • Consultation for Cryopen
  • Consultation for Electrolysis
  • Consultation for facial & skin treatment
  • Consultation for Skin Imperfection Removal – this is for procedures such as red vein removal, spider naevi removal, cherry angioma removal, skin tag removal, seborrhoeic keratosis removal, seborrhoeic hyperplasia removal, wart removal, verruca removal and any other minor Skin Imperfection Removal.
  • Consultation for Holistic treatment – this is a complimentary service for Treatments such as hopi ear candling, reflexology and colonic hydrotherapy.
  • Consultation with Dr. – this is a prescribing appointment which is essential prior to wrinkle softening injections.
  • Skin Fitness plan (powered by Facemapping®) this is a complimentary service with any Dermalogica Skin Treatment.

Prior to your appointment ensure that you have all your correct medical history and a list of medications as this may be required to see if you are suitable for the treatment you have selected or to adapt the treatment.

After your consultation your treatment plan will be created with you to create the best path for you to achieve your treatment goals.

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