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Bioslimming is an exciting new figure treatment from Provence Cosmetics. The deep massage techniques and effective ‘thermo-agents’ help you to achieve your ideal figure.
Bioslimming is effective for:

  • Inch loss
  • Skin firming
  • Contour improvement
  • Cellulite
  • Weight loss
  • Appetite control

Following treatment the active ingredients continue to work for a further 12 hours and continue to burn calories for 2 hours following application. The Thermo-Agents stimulate the lymphatic system and help burn fat through Thermo-regulation and induces Lipolysis (fat burning below the skin’s surface) helping to mobilise stubborn fatty deposist and eliminating toxins.

The subsequent absorption of fatty acids and transportation of fat causes the “orange peel” roughness to disappear, dramatically reducing the appearance of cellulite and reducing adipose tissue.

The treatment results in inch loss, on average 1 – 4cm per measured area following the treatment. Due to the nature of the product further inch loss and possible weight loss can occur the day following the treatment. We do not state how much a client will lose in total as this is entirely individual and totally dependent on how much fat and cellulite is present.

Bioslimming helps reduce the appetite due to the caffeine content and enhances weight loss.
For good, long-term results a course of 5 – 6 treatments taken weekly is recommended combined with use of 3 homecare products.

Allow 2 hours for the treatment. Bioslimming can be combined with other treatments so you can maximize your time in the salon.

Pre-treatment advice
Skin needs to clean and free from  body moisturisers or oils prior to treatment as some products can create a barrier to the active ingredients

Post-treatment advice
Following treatment it is advisable to exercise for one hour to improve results.
 Apply the Bioslimming Home care products every other day between your salon treatments

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