Your Ultimate Guide to LetterBox Facials

Written by Angela, 21st February 2021

Do you know that we have a whole series of self-care, at-home facials that can be posted directly to your door?

When the first national lockdown was implemented, we felt that we had to do something to support our clients and friends who would be missing out on their regular salon Skin Treatment or Facial.

What could we do to give you at least some of the benefits of a salon facial? So we came up with the idea of ‘LetterBox Facials’.

Designed to bring the salon to your home, it’s a facial that is posted directly to you and carried out in the comfort of your own home.

Just to be clear, we don’t put our hands through your letterbox and carry out a facial with you laying on your hall floor!

LetterBox Facials contain Dermalogica, premium-grade skin care products in sachet form and arrive in a smart presentation envelope. It’s light and easy to post straight through a letterbox (hence the name). There is no need for someone to be in to take delivery of a parcel and they can even be sent further afield to other areas of the country. A mini ‘portfolio of products’ to help solve your skin care challenges dropping onto your doormat.

Of course we realised that you will not be benefitting from the marvellous massage or electrical elements that are used in the salon, but at least it can help you to maintain what has been achieved in the salon.

What’s in a LetterBox Facial?

Every facial is different, depending on your choice, but they all have in common:

  1. A double cleanse
  2. An exfoliating product/s
  3. Masque treatment/s
  4. Correcting serum/s
  5. Protection products
  6. Lip and eye treatment

Correct application of skin care products

You may say, ‘how will I know when to apply ‘what’ and ‘how’? Well, we had a good think about that and we felt the best way was to supply a link to a ‘how to’ video on YouTube.

Each LetterBox Facial is supported by an individual video.

A picture speaks a thousand words and a video is even better. The video takes you through step-by- step:

  1. The sequence of product use
  2. Why they were chosen and the benefits
  3. How to apply them, and
  4. How to remove them (where necessary)

This has been really interesting for our customers of LetterBox Facials, because the application of a product is very important in order to get the best results.

What if I don’t have access to a laptop or mobile phone to watch the video? We thought of this too and, on request, you can opt for a ‘how to’ fact sheet instead, which will be included in your packet.

Easy to use skin care products

All the skin care products included in the packet are very easy to use. Just tear open the individual sachets and apply in the manner recommended on the video or fact sheet.

They require no skill or special tools to apply and even better, there is no mess. Some of the sachets are generous with more than one application in them, so you can store them upright in a glass, somewhere cool for the next day or two.

The sachets are factory sealed and hygienic so there is no risk of contamination and the ingredients are as fresh as you can ever get them.

Buy full size beauty products

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy full sized products? Per application a full sized product is always more economical, so full sizes can always be purchased from us on our online shop, but it would be a big ‘up front’ investment in your skin to buy seven or eight skin care products in one go.

It also gives you a chance to try lots of different products before you decide on the one that suits you and your skin best.

Effective at-home facial in Cheshire

To prevent the spread of disease, whilst we are in a national lockdown we cannot safely access salon treatments and we can’t have them in our own home. Doing so would jeopardise the health of our communities and compromise our NHS services. An at-home LetterBox Facial ticks all the boxes for an effective, at-home skin treatment in Cheshire and beyond, as they can be posted anywhere in the UK.

An ideal gift

LetterBox Facials make an ideal gift. Here are some of the occasions that they have been bought for:

  1. A thank you present – a LetterBox Facial makes a thoughtful and unique gift that they will love. Perhaps you have a friend who is a key worker, or maybe someone who has helped you out during lockdown who you want to treat or say thank you too?
  2. Corporate gift – with many office staff working from home, LetterBox Facials make great incentives for hitting targets, as a thank you and to support your staff’s mental and physical wellbeing.
  3. Happy Birthday – tired of sending chocolates, flowers or champagne? Send something different.  It’s a thoughtful gift for anyone who is shielding or self-isolating.
  4. Mother’s Day – why not buy one for you and one for your Mum and have a bit of ‘girl time’ on Zoom or FaceTime? It’s something fun and different to enjoy together.
  5. Easter present – LetterBox facials are much lower in calories than chocolate and just as enjoyable! A great treat for someone who wants to look after themselves rather than pile on the pounds.

How to ‘Safely Spa at Home’ with your LetterBox Facial

No matter which LetterBox Facial you choose, make sure that you are using your products safely.

All our products are in sealed, contamination free sachets, but take the following steps to reduce any risk when opening and applying the products:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face.
  2. Use a headband to prevent product getting into your hair. Some ingredients have the capability of staining white or fair hair, I’m talking about ingredients like vitamin C and charcoal.
  3. Keep products out of your eyes
  4. Keep products away from your mouth and do not ingest
  5. Use as directed
  6. Keep away from pets and small children
  7. If your skin is ‘super-sensitive’ always patch test the products 24-48 hours before use.
  8. Dispose of sachets responsibly.

Which one should I choose and how do I purchase them?

There are plenty to choose from, and here is a quick rundown of their benefits. I have added the purchase links to our online shop to make them easier for you to access:

  1. Moisture Boost is a facial to address dehydration and replace lost moisture leaving a soft and dewy finish to your skin. Suits dry and dehydrated skin types as well as winter skin. Buy here
  2. Brighten Up: Everything you need to brighten your skin and give you a gorgeous glow. This is a great choice at the end of winter when you need extra brightening. Great for dull, tired looking skin. Buy here
  3. Squeaky Clean: Your cleanest skin yet. A deep cleansing facial, leaving skin clear, glowing and squeaky clean. Ideal for skins which are oily, prone to breakouts or just as a ‘spring clean’. Buy here
  4. Night, night sleep tight: perfect for the end of the day to relax, unwind and prepare you skin for beauty sleep. Also great for anyone who struggles with sleep and needs to introduce a night time ritual. Suitable for most skin types. Buy here
  5. AGE Smart: This facial is packed with anti-oxidant vitamins and peptides for anyone who is concerned about ageing or premature ageing. Buy here
  6. PowerBright: For anyone who wants to start combatting pigmentation issues – age spots and sun spots. Buy here
  7. Calm & Gentle: Ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. It is gentle, soothing and calming yet highly effective. Buy here
  8. Maskne Skin kit: This is designed for people who have been plagued with breakouts in the mouth, chin and nose wearing from wearing face masks. It is also ideal for anyone who has breakouts anywhere on their skin. This kit is slightly different from the others as it contains products to treat the breakouts for several days. Buy here
  9. Bespoke: Wanting something unique for you to address a particular skin care challenge? We can design a LetterBox Facial especially for you with a bespoke video. The initial order cost is higher, but re-order costs are the same as the other facials Buy here

You an always contact us to if you need further help with your selection or if you have any further questions at

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Originally published February 21, 2021 13:14pm, updated January 15, 2024

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