Why you suffer from sensitive skin & how to calm it

Written by Angela, 18th June 2019

Redness, dehydration, itching and burning – all symptoms of sensitive and sensitised skin. An uncomfortable experience, your sensitive skin can leave you feeling miserable, irritated and at times embarrassed by its appearance.

At Sensoria, we’re committed to educating our clients about their skin’s health. So, if you’re worried about skin sensitivity, take a read of this blog post all about this troubling skin concern.

why you have sensitive skin and how to treat it by sensoria beauty in cheshire

What exactly is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is a complex skin condition. The usual symptoms are:

  • A feeling of tightness
  • Redness or blotchiness
  • Flaking, peeling or cracking
  • Flushing
  • Small, rash-like bumps

Compromised lipid barrier

What is your lipid barrier? If you think of your skin as the bricks and mortar, your lipids are basically the mortar.  A healthy lipid barrier keeps skin healthy by holding water in and keeping environmental factors that cause damage out. If this is compromised, your skin becomes sensitised.

Restoring your lipid barrier

At Sensoria, we can help you work towards restoring your lipid barrier. From avoiding mineral oils to reducing the use of active ingredients we can help recommend the best ways for your individual skin type. Book your skin consultation here.

What causes sensitive skin?


Sensitive skin can be genetic. When you’re born with sensitive skin it means your protective outer skin layer doesn’t work so well, letting irritants in.

Sometimes passed down generations, it could mean that you have less pigment, a thin epidermis and blood vessels close to the surface.


Pollution strips your barrier lipids through microscopic contaminants which cause what we know as “free radicals”.

Allergens are also a big culprit. In fact, did you know artificial fragrance is usually the number one cause of skin sensitivity? We recommend that you avoid limonene and lanolol, which are used to enhance fragrances.

Weather, humidity and temperature change can also affect your skin’s sensitivity.

That’s why in the winter you may find your skin to be dry and cracked. However, in summer you may suffer more from heat rashes, which happen when sweat ducts get clogged up with sweat.


At Sensoria, we believe in a holistic approach to skin care. Your lifestyle – what you eat, drink, and do with your body can all affect how healthy your skin is.

For instance, drinking alcohol can be bad news for sensitive skin. Not only is it a diuretic, but alcohol is also inflammatory leading to flushed and red skin.


How do you manage stress? When you become stressed your brain releases chemicals (called neuropeptides). This causes itchiness & redness.

If you’re going through the menopause or pregnancy, your hormones will fluctuate which also impact your skin’s sensitivity.


Rosacea, eczema and psoriasis all can lead to those extremely unpleasant symptoms of sensitive skin.

How to solve your sensitive skin concerns

First things first, take a look at the causes above and identify your sensitive skin triggers.

Once you’ve understood the root of your concerns, you can find a solution that works.

Your sensitive skin questions answered

Our Skin Care Therapists answer some of your most common questions about sensitive skin.

Don’t worry if you can’t see your question answered, just get in touch for a free skin consultation.

When I get stressed, my skin gets sensitive and irritated. What can I do about it?

You should build some relaxation techniques into your daily routine to combat stress and in turn, reduce the impacts of stress hormones on your skin.

Putting time aside for yourself is really important. At Sensoria, we offer a range of relaxation and wellness treatments designed to help you unwind, practice self-care and appreciate your mind and body.

From therapeutic ‘Head in the Clouds’ massage to simply taking some time out to have a manicure, our tranquil salon helps you de-stress away from the pressures of modern day life.

For more information on our approach to mental health & wellbeing click here.

Also, when managing stress-inflamed sensitive skin, be careful to choose products that will not further irritate your skin.

We recommend Sound Sleep Cocoon which helps encourage a good night’s sleep, minimising your cortisol (stress hormone) level.

Another option is Dermalogica’s Overnight Repair Serum. This powerful peptide serum with argan and rose oils helps to promote skin repair overnight.

Ever since I’ve started the menopause, my skin is so unpredictable and unmanageable! Can you help?

This is caused by your fluctuating hormones. Hot flushes, caused by increased blood flow, are a common complaint.

Check your comfort levels. Avoid heated blankets, steam and excessive central heating.

You can also apply a thin layer of water-based products to avoid trapping heat.

If your skin becomes itchy and dry we recommend Dermalogica’s Multi-Active Skin Toner for instant refreshment and hydration.

Dermalogica’s UltraCalming range is also an excellent choice, particularly Calm Water Gel – a weightless water-gel moisturiser that hydrates dry, sensitive skin.

I dread winter because it makes my skin so sensitive. Is there anything I can do?

Of course. Winter is undeniably harsh on our skin but there are ways we can counteract the effects of cool winter temperatures and low humidity levels.

Firstly, be mindful of your hot showers and soap-based products as they can pull vital moisture from your skin.

For skin that feels dull, tight, dry and itchy in winter we recommend layering on products – just like you do with your clothes.

Remember hydration is key too. So drink plenty of water to help keep your skin hydrated.

Pollution is a concern where I live! Will it affect my skin?

We are afraid to say that yes, pollution is bad news for your skin in many ways.

It encourages the production of “free radicals” that strip the skin of barrier lipids which help retain moisture and keep out dirt and other impurities.

The good news? When healthy, our skin is pretty good at guarding us against pollutants.

To help keep it healthy we are recommending the Dermalogica Double Cleanse at the moment.

We’ve written a lot about this in our recent social media posts – so give them a read here to learn more.

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As a man, do I need to worry about sensitive skin?

Yes, men are also prone to sensitive skin, too.

You’ll especially need to be careful if you shave your face.

It’s always best to shower first as the moisture and warmth will make it easier to get a close and comfortable shave. If you have sensitive skin, we always recommend exfoliating at night and then shaving the following morning. A gentle exfoliator will help clear build up on the skin, which leads to razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

At Sensoria, we are proud to offer skin care, health and beauty treatments to men.

Our professional Therapists are experts in male skin care and would be delighted to help you achieve the healthy glowing skin you are looking for.

To take a look at our male treatments click here.

Skin care specialists in Cheshire

Your skin is our priority at Sensoria. We want to help you, our clients, feel comfortable, happy and healthy in your own skin.

That’s why we offer a range of professional treatments that are proven to not only improve sensitivity but aid with many skin concerns.

Our Pro Power Peel treatment is an excellent treatment designed to target individual skin concerns, from dullness & dry skin to advanced signs of ageing.

We hope this blog post about treating sensitive skin has been helpful.

However, if you do feel unsure about anything don’t hesitate to get in touch.

At Sensoria, we are experts in skin care and can advise you about the right products & treatments to suit your skin.

All Dermalogica products are available to buy from our salons near Tarporley & Ellesmere Port. For every purchase, you’ll receive points & unlock benefits with your Treat Card.

BABTAC & CIBTAC awards finalists

Did you know that this year we have been nominated as BABTAC & CIBTAC Beauty Salon of the Year Awards finalist 2019? We were nominated for this award due in part to our dedication to skin care advancements, always offering our clients the most up-to-date and results-driven advice & treatments. Read more here.

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