Which lashes are right for me?

Written by Angela, 7th August 2018

There are so many different lash solutions these days that sometimes it’s hard to sort the sugar from the sand! As a beauty industry professional with many years of experience this blog is intended to help you choose not only what is right for you now, but to ensure that you choose what is right for your lashes in the longterm.

Lets start with strip eyelashes. They are particularly suitable for people who have little or no eyelashes and are the best lashes for a big night out if you want a dramatic look. The advantages are that they are fast and fun, and will cause little or no damage to your lashes long term. However, one of the ingredients in most glues is rubber latex which can cause sensitivity problems in some individuals. They can also be a bit tricky to get to stick on in the right place, so a bit of practice and natural ability will also come into play with these. Although they can be used for a high glamour look, you can also get light, wispy lashes for a completely natural finish and are suitable for all ages.

Moving onto cluster lashes, which are sometimes called Party Lashes. These are four lashes grouped together and give the wearer the opportunity to use them all along the lashline or just to the outer corners to give some glitz and glamour for a special occasion. If you have them applied in a salon they are usually only guaranteed for a day or so, but they can often last longer. They cause very little damage providing the right glue is selected and the wearer doesn’t pull them out. Some of them have a small knot at the base and others are produced without the knot to give a more natural finish. They are generally applied after your mascara as a finishing touch to your makeup.

Next we move onto individual false eyelashes. These have been an amazing invention! We are able to select an individual false lash to match the curve and weight of your own lash to give length and volume. Each lash is individually applied with a medical grade permanent adhesive and left to thoroughly dry, this is what takes the time. A full set of individual lashes can take around one and a half to two hours.

Be warned! If you having them applied quicker than this, then most likely the lashes will be getting stuck together. The test is – can you comb them through when they are finished? A well-applied lash will allow the comb to glide through your lashes. If the lashes are stuck together then as your own lashes grow there will be pressure put on them by the glue and this can damage your lashes longterm. In addition to this if the wearer pulls are picks at the lashes then this can also cause damage.

Another common mistake which can cause damage to your lashes is to apply lashes that are either too heavy or too long. As a general rule of thumb the artificial lash should be not thicker than your own lash and no longer than an additional third of your own lash, if not problems can occur. These problems will not show immediately but will eventually arise as your own lashes try and support the added weight and volume which puts strain on them.

Another way of applying individual lashes is by layering them up quickly on top of your own lashes. This is often called ‘Blink & Go’, takes around thirty minutes and will give a full and luscious look quickly. However, we always recommend them being removed professionally after a couple of weeks to avoid damage to your lashes as they are not individually glued to each lash as there is insufficient drying time.

Last but not least is lash lifting and tinting, sometimes called LVL which is a brand name, but there are other lash lifting and tinting systems too. Lashes are ‘lifted’ up around a pre-formed shield, permed into place and then tinted giving the lashes a longer and fuller look. It really is quite amazing. We love this treatment combined with Revitalash use at home. We recommend a programme of Revitalash and lash lifting and tinting to give you great results with minimal or no lash damage.

This may be a good time to mention that some practitioners have only had a day or two days training and may have the ability to do the treatment but may not necessarily understand the physiology about lash health. Always do your research and find out how the person who is applying your lashes has trained and for how long if you value your lash health.

Always remember that most eye treatments need a patch test for the products used at least 24-48 hours in advance to of the treatment for safety.

And there you have it – lash treatments in a nutshell!

Originally published August 7, 2018 09:52am, updated January 15, 2024

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