What happened in Sensoria last month…

Written by Angela, 1st January 2016

Angela Bartlett’s name precedes her in the beauty world – I’d heard of Angela many times and, fortunately for me, was invited to her lovely salon, Sensoria in Tarporley, to try the acclaimed Triple collagen booster facial.

I’m not one for anything too intrusive, but Angela and her team talked me through the treatment and answered all my questions. The facial combines skin peeling with IPL (laser) to boost collagen levels, promote heathy skin cell production and even-out skin tone by reducing pigmentation to give an overall youthful appearance. At 43, the youthful appearance bit certainly excited me, and I was certain I’d have some blemishes on my skin, so was very keen to see the results.

The week before my treatment I popped by the salon for a patch test to make sure I had no reaction to the treatment, then at last treatment day came. Angele and Jayne welcomed me and helped me complete the client questionnaire, then Jayne talked me through what the treatment would entail before cleansing and exfoliating my skin before the treatment.

Goggles are worn to protect the eyes and gel applied to the face in sections. The short sharp blasts of the machine heated my face ever so slightly and felt like an elastic band across the face area. It’s recommended that you have a course of 6 every 2-4 weeks and then a monthly treatment thereafter to maintain.

I noticed an immediate difference. My skin felt tighter and plumper instantly, and the day after was even better, with my completion brighter and a dark spot under my eye having already faded. Suffice to say, I’ll certainly be back for more!

The facial is priced at £110, or £180 including neck area

Originally published January 1, 2016 14:06pm, updated January 15, 2024

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