Want to shift that stubborn fat?

Written by Angela, 5th June 2016

So you been dieting and exercising but you still have stubborn fatty deposits? As I’m sure you’ll have learned by now, this is because you can’t choose where you lose weight from. Over the years I have had clients who start on a diet regime only to lose the weight from their face and their bust first yet their stubborn fatty deposits around their waist, stomach and thighs are the last to go. This is a particularly common problem because we can’t choose our body shape, some of us are naturally pear-shaped others apple-shaped. What exercise and nutrition can’t do is to ‘spot reduce’ hard to shift fatty deposits so this is exactly where figure treatments come in. These treatments can support exercise and diet regimes with targeted ‘spot reduction’ to give you a better figure. I have found over the years that a ‘three-pronged’ approach to promote figure contouring is the best: exercise, nutrition and figure treatments.

So what else can you do?

My top tip for trying to lose stubborn fatty deposits is to reduce sugar intake. Excess sugar in the diet is turned into lipids and stored as body fat. Now don’t just think that it’s sugar that you are adding to your tea or coffee, or sugar you eat in cakes and sweets. Fruit is full of sugar and when you are trying to re-sculpt your body, go easy on the fruit. Pick lower sugar fruits such as green apples, pears, blueberries, cherries and stay clear of high sugar fruits such as strawberries, bananas etc. Make sure you eat no more than two pieces of lower-sugar fruit a day and double check the ingredients list of ready-made smoothies as they often have a banana base to them.

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Originally published June 5, 2016 20:09pm, updated January 15, 2024

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