Do you want to delay the signs of skin ageing?

Written by Angela, 15th February 2016

Our experience has proved that the below can assist in reducing ageing skin:

  • Regular moderate exercise is a must. Exercise promotes blood flow to the face which will bring additional oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells and carry away waste products faster giving a fresh appearance to the skin
  • Excellent nutrition is essential. Eating a balanced diet is not enough! Add in additional vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements, especially vitamin C which is needed for collagen production
  • Ask for skin care advice from our beauty experts. A ‘one size fits all’ is not a good approach and each skin condition needs to be treated individually to get the best results. What suits your friend may not suit you!
  • Get a regular facial. Again the facial needs to be tailored for your individual requirements
  • Consider botox and dermal fillers which we specialise in. These have come a long way in a short period of time. Think less Lesley Ash and more youthful bloom!
  • ALWAYS wear sunscreen, summer and winter. UV light is damaging to the skin, even when light levels are low. Use a high quality product desigend especially for the face. Take a look at the new Dermalogcia sunscreens available now in stock at the salon.

Originally published February 15, 2016 14:29pm, updated January 15, 2024

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