Top Tips for In-flight Gorgeous skin

Written by Angela, 15th September 2012

Tiny washbasins on planes do not lend themselves to a ‘wash-off’ cleansers. Use UltraCalming Cleanser which can be tissued off and is suitable for even the most sensitive skins and can be used to remove eye makeup too.

  • Carr y a hydrating mist with you to referesh and revive. Multi- active toner is perfect for this as it contains ingredients which actively moisturise you skin,
  • Use a booster under your moisturiser to hydrate your skin. Choose one with hylaruonic acid such as Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Booster
  • Try swapping your usual moisturiser for Barrier Repair as it will really help shield against the pangs of the plane’s environment.
  • A therapeutic balm to wipe over  nostrils, lips, cheekbones, cuticles – any place where skin is thinner or more prone to dehydration is advised. We recommend Climate Control Lip Treatment for this.
  • MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment: It’s gloves in a tube! Apply before, during and after your flight for smooth, hydrated hands, compliments of Pro-Vitamin B5 and antioxidant vitamins C and E.
  • Don’t forget to pack some SPF products in your hand luggage for when you arrive. Dermalogica’s daily defense booster spf 30 comes in a 50ml size so is perfect for hand luggage. We can also supply you with spf samples when you purchase your holiday skin care products.

Originally published September 15, 2012 14:07pm, updated January 15, 2024

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