Top 3 uplifting treatments

Written by Angela, 30th July 2020

Did you know that a really good beauty or body treatment can make you feel on top of the world? Here are Sensoria’s top three recommendations for uplifting your spirits.

  1. Massage
  2. Facial
  3. Lash lift & tint 

Read more below to find out why. 

Why does massage make you feel so good?

Massage is good for the mind, the body and the soul. A really good massage treatment, in the hands of an expert massage therapist, can make you feel completely revived. 

On a physical level, massage stimulates the blood circulation bringing more oxygenated blood to the tissues and removing waste products more quickly, giving a boost to your body and your brain. 

Similarly, an increase in the lymphatic circulation stimulates the immune system, removes excess fluid and waste products giving a feeling of lightness and vitality. 

For the mind, the stroking movements included in a massage, soothe the sensory nerve endings giving a feeling of calm and wellbeing. 

The inclusion of essential or aromatic oils can also enhance this mind-lifting experience. 

The combination of improved physical wellbeing and a calmed mental state gives a soul-boosting uplift all of its very own.

What’s so uplifting about a facial?

A really good facial in the hands of an Dermalogica Expert Skin Therapist is a unique experience. 

Having a professional to speak to about your skin care concerns and prepare a course of treatment just for you, is medicine in itself. 

There are no ‘cookie cutter’ facial treatments at Sensoria; every professional skin treatment is….


From the double cleanse and exfoliation phase through to the final ‘dermal layering’ of Dermalogica Skin care products, the whole experience will make you feel cared for and looked after. 

At the end, a glance in the mirror at your newly refreshed skin will uplift your spirits.

What is a lash lift and tint?

Sometimes you will see this marketed as ‘LVL’. This is a particular brand of lash, lift & tinting products. Comparing LVL to lash lift & tinting is similar to calling a vacuum cleaner a Hoover! There are many brands of lash lift & tint available, and LVL is one of them. 

The lash lift & tint is a method of re-shaping and darkening the eye lashes to give the illusion of length and volume to even the sparsest of lashes. 

It is important to have a patch test for this treatment at least 24-48 hours in advance of the treatment for the products used in the process to avoid any chance of skin sensitivities. 

Having said that there are very few people who are sensitive to the products. But your safety is our priority, so we never skip this important step! 

The whole treatment takes around and hour and combines perfectly with eyebrow shaping & tinting, or a relaxing foot or scalp massage.

Once the treatment is complete you will be offered a mirror to view the final results. Just seeing the ‘bright eyed’, effect that the lash lift and tint gives, lifts the face and your spirits. 

More Top Tips for Uplifting your spirits

At Sensoria we understand that to get the best results it’s not just about what we do in the treatment room that will make you look and feel better. 

Quite often it’s about how you live your life and the extra little things that you can do in between treatments to get the best results.

I always think that is it’s a bit like going to the GP and expecting him or her to fix everything that is wrong during the appointment, without having to take any medication at home.  Or going to the dentist but never having to brush or floss your teeth!

We like to treat you holistically and we are always willing to give you tips and tricks to use at home and in-between treatments to maximise the benefits from the treatment room. 

Feeling a bit low? Wanting a bit of an uplift? Try these 3 simple things and see how you feel: 

  1. Look up. Look at the sky, the tops of buildings, the chimneys. If you observe a depressed person they are often looking down. By looking up you will automatically feel better and lift your spirits. Give it a go!
  2. Drink more water. Keeping your body hydrated improves everything, from your skin to your spirits. Fill up a 2 litre bottle at the beginning of the day and see how much of it you have drunk by bed time.
  3. Get more exercise. For similar reasons to massage, stimulating the circulation can do wonders for your wellbeing. But do exercise that you enjoy. Just because your friends go to the gym or run, you don’t have to do it. You may prefer putting music on and dancing around the lounge – that always works and no one is watching! 

Uplifting treatments in Cheshire 

I hope you enjoyed our treatment recommendations, tips and tricks to uplift you. Of course, we do lots of other treatments which are uplifting and you can find out more by contact us here.

Also, remember you can easily book your beauty, health & skin care treatments online – just click here.

Originally published July 30, 2020 11:58am, updated January 15, 2024

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