The effects of modern-day living: 5 self-care tips to regain your balance

Written by Angela, 13th March 2020

Early starts, late finishes, long commutes, growing pressures and a constant strive to find a balance between a prosperous career and a healthy personal life. Modern-day life can be exhausting. Although many of us go after exciting careers, ambitious life plans and hectic schedules there are times when we wish things were simpler – at least for our health’s sake. Because the reality is that modern life isn’t just exhausting – it’s unhealthy.

So this month at Sensoria, we are discussing how to counteract some of the strains of modern-day living – in order to regain your balance and enhance your health & wellbeing.

Crazy schedules

You get up. You get ready. You drive to work. You’re in a whirlwind of meetings and deadlines until 6pm. Then you rush home. More responsibilities! From picking your children up to sending that email – never mind achieving 7 – 8 hours of beauty sleep – it can seem impossible.

Jam-packed schedules make you feel stressed, anxious and worried. They do not allow you to take time to unwind, relax and recharge – affecting your mental and physical health.

  1. Schedule time for yourself

If you use a planner or diary, take a look over it and notice all your appointments. They are likely work-related or social commitments. But have you ever thought about scheduling in some time specifically for you?

It may sound strange – but we are more likely to complete something when we write it down.

Overall, you need to understand that you’re important – and you have to prioritise yourself.

Try scheduling in wellbeing activities – like a gentle yoga session. If you book an appointment it becomes ‘non-negotiable’.

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Rushed routines

Going into autopilot can be great for your mental health and wellbeing. A regular routine can ground you – giving your buzzing mind a break.

And from cleaning your teeth to drinking a glass of water, you’ll likely have healthy elements to our morning and evening routines.

However, when life gets busy, we rush through our routines and sometimes vital steps fall by the wayside – such as your skin care.

  1. Keep things simple with skin care

Your skincare routine doesn’t need to overcomplicate your daily routine.  In fact, going back to basics can help you keep things simple – and effective.

This means cleansing. More specifically, double-cleansing. Although this may sound like more work, it’s a really simple 2-step process which will save you time in future – as it’s a guaranteed way to thoroughly cleanse your skin day-in-day-out.

To read more about double cleansing read our blog post: 6 super-effective skincare resolutions for 2020.

We also recommend some simple switches to achieve powerful results.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of products out there in the skincare market that might look great – with wonderfully-designed packaging and gorgeous scents – but they don’t actually do much for your skin.

To keep your skincare routine simple, invest in results-driven skin care – like Dermalogica.

Biolumin-C Eye Serum

This month we are introducing clients to Dermalogica’s Biolumn-C Eye Serum.

Daily eye movements and environmental assaults cause premature ageing around the delicate eye area. However, this supercharged vitamin C eye serum protects you against these stresses of modern-day living.

The lightweight serum delivers a highly-bioavailable Vitamin C complex – dramatically brightening and visibly firming the skin around the eyes. A simple – but very effective – addition to your skincare regime.

Dermalogica products at Sensoria

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Text neck

Modern-day living goes hand-in-hand with technology. From smartphones to smartwatches, technology integrates seamlessly with our lives. However, what impact does this have on our health?

We are becoming more and more aware of the damaging effects constant technology can have on our mental health. Pinging notifications give us an addictive dopamine hit – and many of us are actively scheduling more time away from our phones.

Furthermore, mobiles phones – and how we use them – are impacting our physical health and wellbeing. In fact, when we bend our necks to look down at our phones we are adding huge gravitational force to our necks – upon our already 5kg average head mass!

  1. Schedule regular massage

Reducing your screen time is obviously beneficial – but not always practical. When not using your phone, modern-day life often demands other neck-straining activities like using a computer or driving.

Much like in point 1, at Sensoria we recommend scheduling regular appointments – but for massage specifically. Massage can ensure you’re pain-free and physically healthy – adding so much value to your life.

Unfortunately, for many of us, it’s not until we experience problems that we decide to invest in a solution. However, prevention is often better than cure – and scheduling a regular massage is a small investment for your overall health and wellbeing.

At Sensoria, you can experience first-hand the therapeutic touch of our Massage Therapists. Book your next massage treatment in Cheshire here.


What comes to mind when you think of isolation? Often, many of us think of an older generation – who have perhaps lost their life partners, children have grown up and they spend a lot of time alone at home.

However, there is a shocking rise of isolation among younger generations nowadays. As a society, despite appearing more connected than ever through the likes of social media, this is not often reality.

When you feel lonely, this dramatically affects your mental health. It heightens stress, increases risks of depression and has even been linked to decreased memory.

  1. Schedule time with friends

It’s easy to pick up your phone and send a Whatsapp to a friend or chat with them via social media. However, does that truly reduce your loneliness?

Evidence suggests it doesn’t. So it’s important to schedule time with loved ones. It could be as simple as a cup of coffee and a catch-up – or you could combine it with your other health & wellbeing enhancing activities…

Retreat to Sensoria

Why don’t you get together with a friend to book your next treatments at Sensoria?

Our welcoming salon can give you both an element of escape – and also give you the opportunity to catch up with someone. A perfect afternoon to recharge your social wellbeing.


Have you ever heard of the term “sandwich generation?”. It’s used to describe those inevitably ‘trapped’ between an older generation and a younger generation. Having so many people dependent on you, it’s known to be emotionally and mentally draining.

Whatever your stresses, be it family, relationships or work-related when life pressures take over you tend to neglect yourself first – which can hugely affect your physical and mental health.

The reality is you should put your self-care as a priority – not a luxury – because after all, your loved ones depend on you. And if you’re not fit and well, how can you take care of them?

  1. Self-care at home & at Sensoria

Try to think differently about self-care from now on. It’s not an indulgence, it’s an antidote to the stresses of modern-day living.

At Sensoria, we have a range of treatments that soothe your body and mind. Our holistic approach to health & beauty means that our treatments help you take care of your mental and physical wellbeing as a whole.

Relaxing Dermalogica facials

A great example of this would be our Dermalogica facials. Our expert Skincare Therapists soothe your skin’s health through a range of tailored-to-you professional treatments – while also ensuring a relaxing experience so you feel mentally calm afterwards.

What’s more, our Dermalogica Experts will give you self-care recommendations so you can continue to care for your skin at home.

Again, the thinking behind this is not an indulgence. It’s something you deserve – improving your physical and mental wellbeing.

Health, beauty & wellbeing in Cheshire

At Sensoria, we understand that modern-day living is stressful. Our salons near Tarporley & in Ellesmere Port are a retreat for our clients – in a completely relaxing, soothing and private atmosphere.

Our friendly team of Therapists are trained experts in delivering exceptional service to our clients – being sympathetic to your health and wellbeing throughout all our treatments. We are not about simply making your skin glow, your nails shine or your muscles relax – we are about making you feel beautiful, happy and healthy on the inside. Being part of our clients’ self-care regime is really important to us.

For more practical advice on self-care, wellbeing and any of our holistic health, beauty & wellbeing treatments get in touch today.

Originally published March 13, 2020 15:42pm, updated January 15, 2024

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