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Written by Angela, 1st January 2023

It’s the New Year, a time when many of us are looking for ways to renew and improve
ourselves, and 2023 is a good year to invest in yourself and the way you feel.

With so much doom and gloom in the news, spending a little time and money on yourself is good for your mental health and well-being.

Having said that, we don’t all have an endless source of revenue for our aesthetic care, and I am often asked “what’s the best and cheapest way to give a lift to my face?”.

My top tip would always be, ‘book a professional and expert eyebrow treatment’.

It’s amazing what well-groomed eyebrows can do for you, and there are so many products, treatments and procedures available, that there is something for everyone at any stage of their life.

Expert brow treatments in Cheshire

We have a team of professionals who are highly skilled in providing you with the latest
techniques in brow design to give you a fresher, brighter appearance.

What eyebrow treatments are available? The simplest eyebrow treatment is a an eyebrow shape. This can be carried out with tweezers, waxing or threading. But it’s rarely the method that counts, rather the expertise of the practitioner to create a shape that is flattering and lifting for your face shape that matters.
Tinting can be selected to add depth of colour to add definition to your brow shape and brow lamination to re-shape or tame brow hairs.
Micro-blading or semi-permanent makeup is ideal if you are lacking in brow hairs, have an
irregular shape to your brows or you are wanting to permanently darken your brows to give a more defined look.

Benefits of a professional eyebrow shape

Eyebrow shaping is a good start and a great way to structure and frame your face. Here are a few benefits of eyebrow shaping

  1. Improved facial symmetry: Well-shaped eyebrows help to balance out the features of your face, making it look more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Enhanced facial expressions: Eyebrows play a key role in facial expressions, and shaping them help to create a more polished and expressive look.
  3. Increased confidence: When you feel good about your appearance, it can boost your confidence and self-esteem. By shaping your eyebrows, you feel more put-together and confident in your own skin.
  4. Youthful appearance: Over time, eyebrows can become sparse and lose their shape. By shaping and maintaining your eyebrows, you can help maintain a youthful and vibrant appearance.
  5. Customisation: Every person’s face is unique, and eyebrow shaping allows you to tailor the shape and style of your eyebrows to suit your individual features and preferences.

Overall, eyebrow shaping can be a simple and effective way to enhance the overall structure and appearance of your face.

How often will I need a brow treatment?

This will depend on the treatment chosen and, in some instances, how quickly your brow hair grows.
Waxing, threading or tweezing generally need repeating every 2 -4 weeks and tinting and HD Brows every 4-6 weeks.

Brow lamination is usually on a 6-8 week cycle, depending on the strength of your hairs.

Typically, a micro pigmented brow need a touch up every 18 to 30 months. High amounts of oil, or sebum, in your skin can make the pigment more difficult to adhere so touch ups may be more frequent than for someone with a drier skin.

Treatment plan for thinning brows

One of the most common brow enquiries we have at Sensoria is for help with thinning brow as thin, sparse brows give an ageing look. Creating fuller and better groomed brows can take years off your face bringing you up to date and into 2023 with a more youthful look.

Certain health complaints such as thyroid problems can make brow hairs become sparse or it may just be the passing of time that is thinning them. A programme of regular brow shapes,
follicle stimulating serum to use at home and possibly Rejuvapen to stimulate follicle activity is a good start if you are patient and can wait several months for results. Alternatively, you can go for micro-pigmented brows if you want a quick fix. There are brow programmes for everyone’s

Eyebrow tint vs. Eyebrow Lamination

If your eyebrow hairs are blonde or greying an eyebrow tint is for you. A vegetable-based dye is applied to the hair and left for the colour to be taken up by the hair.
This can take from a few seconds up to ten minutes, depending on how resistant the hair is. Generally, white hair is more resistant than blonde or light brown. Occasionally, we may ‘strip out’ the colour of the brows before applying the tint to give a more uniform brow colour
especially if the grey hairs are very resistant to tint. This is because, if the tint has be left on for a long time for the grey hairs to take the colour, the darker hairs in the brows can become far too dark.
Eyebrow lamination is used to reshape the eyebrows either into a fashionable ‘upward’ look or to tame wayward brow hairs into place. The brow hairs are glued into place, lotion applied to hairs and then finished with a setting product to ensure the hairs stay in place for up to eight weeks.
Tinting and lamination treatments are often combined to give a better shaped and darker brow in the same treatment.

What happens when I come for an eyebrow treatment at Sensoria?
Firstly, a consultation will be carried out to assess suitability of the treatment that you have
chosen. This may include a patch test, depending on which treatment has been selected. Any form of tinting or brow lamination will need patch testing and these tests are recorded on your client record for future reference.
Generally, a small amount of the product is placed behind your ear or in the crook of your arm and left for 48 hours to determine if you have any sensitivity to the products.
Whilst this may be an inconvenience, safety is our priority and it is better to find out you have a sensitivity before applying products to your face as the consequences of an allergy or sensitivity to a product can be severe.
If you have had changes to medication or your health, then the patch tests may need to be
repeated prior to your next treatment even if you have had the treatments with us before.
Any clients new to our salon will also need to be patch tested, even if you have had the
treatments in another salon. This is because we don’t know which products you may have been treated with in the past.

Are eyebrow treatments right for me?

Again, this will depend on the treatments chosen, and although results are fabulous from most eyebrow treatments, they are not suitable if you have:

  • certain medical conditions or are taking certain medications
  • have a very low pain threshold as some discomfort may be experienced with some
  • cannot keep still due to either a medical condition or ’fidgety’ personality type.
  • have unrealistic expectations about what can be achieved with your chosen treatments.
  • certain lifestyles and occupations

This will all be covered in your consultation and a procedure will not be carried out if it is
unusable for you, your health or your lifestyle.

Preparing for your first professional brow treatment
Have in mind what type of brow shape you like and take a few pictures with you to show your practitioner.
The brows in the photos you have chosen may, or may not, be suitable for you face shape or brows, but it’s a starting point for your practitioner to have a conversation with you about what is achievable and which treatments will be recommended to gain that result. 
If you regularly tweeze your brows at home, leave them for at last a few days so we can see what we ‘have to play with’. This can be difficult for some people, but it really does help us to determine a better Brow Programme for you.
Book your brow shape in advance, as our best practitioners get very busy at certain times of the day and week. You may be lucky and pick up a cancellation, but if you are restricted to certain days and times then booking ahead is always preferable.
Be prepared that following your first treatment you may not have achieved your ultimate brow shape. Think of it more as an ‘eyebrow journey’, particularly if your brows are over plucked.
Take a look at aftercare advice before you have the brow treatment to ensure that you can
comply with what is required for a successful outcome.

Eyebrow treatment aftercare

The aftercare needed will very much depend on which treatment you have had, but whatever procedure has been done it is important to adhere to the practitioners aftercare advice.
Micro-blading and semi-permanent makeup has specific aftercare instructions which your
practitioner will give you and includes not touching or picking the area, along with other
Any brow treatments involving hair removal such as waxing, tweezing and threading will include aftercare procedures to avoid the ‘open’ hair follicles becoming infected or inflamed.
If tint has been used to define your brows then avoiding products and chemicals that will lighten the hair will be added to the aftercare. This will include not swimming in chlorinated pools.
Following a brow lamination treatment, avoiding hot, steamy places like hot baths, steam rooms and saunas will be important.

A full aftercare procedure list will be given to you at the end of your treatment.

How much do eyebrow treatments cost?

The cost of eyebrow treatments range from as little as £8 for a simple brow tidy that is taken at the same time as a facial treatment to £350 for a full microblading/semi-permanent makeup package.

Our homecare eyebrow treatments
At Sensoria, we stock the best in eyebrow products for you to use at home to help create your best brow.
If you brows are wayward and need taming in-between brow lamination treatments, our HD Brow gel will be just what you need.
HD is the UK’s No 1 Salon Brow Brand and the team at HD created the best brow gel you’ve ever tried. They named it Brow Glue for a reason; it has a super-strong setting power. It is budge-proof all day but, unlike other strong brow glues it doesn’t cake or flake. You can help support us by purchasing it from our online store here

Your brows are sparse, patchy and not full enough? Revitabrow is the product you need.
Although it’s a pricey product, it’s definitely the best on the market. We have recommended it to our clients for many years now and it delivers results. I would always ask one of our
practitioners to assess your brows first, as not everyone is suitable for this product. However, once it has been prescribed, use it regularly for a few months and you will be impressed with the results. You can purchase Revitabrow from our Sensoria online store here

Health, beauty & wellbeing in Cheshire

At Sensoria we like to help make things as easy as possible for you, so if you need any further help with choosing which is the right brow treatment for you, just get in touch today.

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