Self-care tips to improve your wellbeing & boost your self-confidence

Written by Angela, 15th April 2019

Self-care is something we hear a lot about nowadays. We are told repeatedly that we need to practice self-care but sometimes, especially when we are wrapped up in our busy lives, it can be difficult to understand what we can actually do to improve our mental health & wellbeing.

At Sensoria, we believe self-care doesn’t have to be over-complicated. In fact, self-care can be built into part of your everyday life.

With Mental Health Awareness Week around the corner, the Therapists at Sensoria got together to discuss what exactly our clients can do to make sure they are practising self-care.

Here are our self-care ideas for “the real world”…

Skin care routine

A lot of us have a daily and nightly skin care routine.  Whether it takes you 2 minutes or 20 minutes, it’s your precious “me-time”.

When you have a few extra minutes to spare, your night-time skin care regime could be boosted. Perhaps you could combine gentle exfoliation with a mini face massage. Or simply, use a sleep-enhancing night cream to release facial tensions and stimulate feel-good hormones.

At Sensoria, you can purchase Dermalogica products for use at home – which can be the perfect addition to your self-care regime.

We always think that Sundays are usually the perfect day for self-care. Or whichever day is your day off. Time to shut down, unwind, dim the lights, light a scented candle and play some relaxing music. The most important thing is that you focus and enjoy the moment – staying present.

When discussing this with our Skin Therapists, we all agreed that applying a nourishing or deep cleansing face mask is a great way to practice self-care. You could perhaps soak in the bath and even add some oil – just take care if you have sensitive skin, as some oils can cause irritation.

Dermalogica face masks

Did you know that you can purchase Dermalogica face masks from our salons in Tarporley and Ellesmere Port (near Cheshire Oaks)?

Face masks are not only the perfect addition to your self-care regime, but they are proven to help you achieve healthy skin.

We have a variety of face masks available to suit your skin care needs. Read our guide to selecting the right face mask for your skin.

Did you know we currently have up to 30% off on selected skin care face masks?

Also, all our skin care masks come with free mask removal sponges.

Self-care by visiting a beauty salon

Many of us lead busy lives. Lives that usually revolve around other people. Our relationships, our children, our colleagues – all commitments that certainly nourish us. But at times, it’s okay to say the opposite. The people in our lives can exhaust us too.

Putting time aside to spend alone has been proven to be extremely beneficial to your mental health & wellbeing. However, when we discussed this among our Therapists we did all agree that sometimes it’s hard to spend time alone. It can be challenging to just be still because we feel like we should be doing something. Or attending to someone, answering to someone, checking in with someone and so on.

Some of our clients have been known to admit that the only time they truly relax and slow down is when they visit our salon. Alone. We can really understand that.

Visiting Sensoria should not always be seen as an indulgence. Of course, we love to hear that you are treating yourself by visiting the salon but we think it’s even better when you take regular time dedicated to your self-care. Even if only for a few precious moments.

Skinsolver® express facial

In fact, self-care doesn’t always need to be time-consuming. Yes, some of our facials, like our Dermalogica Proskin60®, are perfect for when you have more time to dedicate.

However, if you’re pressed for time but still want to take care of your skin you can book in for a 10-minute treatment. Our Skinsolver® facial is an express, seated skin-care pick-me-up designed to make your skin glow, in minimum time.

It may only be a few minutes to yourself, but we always recommend our clients to really slow down and be mindful of the treatment – regardless of the time. Don’t rush your mind. Enjoy the product textures and aromas. Even just ten minutes focusing on your self-care can do wonders for your mental health & wellbeing.

Book your Skinsolver® facial near Tarporley here.

For our Ellesmere Port salon book here. Tip: Our salon is a 3-minute drive from Cheshire Oaks & easy to get to from Chester.

Massage therapy & positive body image

Another important aspect of self-care is how we feel about ourselves. More specifically, about our bodies – the vital and hardworking vehicles that we tend to take for granted at times.

During our self-care discussion, our Therapists all agreed that, in massage therapy, our priority is making you, our client, feel good in your body.

In fact, massage therapy is proven to have strong links with feeling body confident.  When you have low self-esteem it’s natural to want to shy away. However, booking in for a regular massage can help you nurture a healthy self-connection.

Our professional Massage Therapists always provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for our clients. We teach you to accept your body through caring, safe and approved touch that can boost your self-esteem and inner peace.

We know starting massage therapy can still be a daunting prospect. That’s why we always recommend speaking to one of our friendly Therapists who can suggest a great way to get started.

Beginning massage therapy

For instance, our Head in the Clouds massage is a great place to start. This massage focuses on not only your head but your upper arms, upper back, neck and facial pressure points.

If you are perhaps feeling nervous about the prospect of unclothing, this massage requires minimal clothing removal and will teach you the benefits of massage, while reducing anxiety.

You will be able to experience first-hand the therapeutic touch of our Massage Therapists and learn to trust them for future treatments.

Did you know that we are giving a free head & neck massage with any Dermalogica treatments when you book in May with our Skin Therapists Charlotte, Nathalie or Annie? This could be a great way to sample massage therapy.

Book your massage therapy near Tarporley here.

For our Ellesmere Port salon book here.

Health, beauty & wellbeing in Cheshire

At Sensoria, we have always taken a holistic approach to beauty, health and skin care. When it comes to your mental health & wellbeing we understand there are no ‘quick fixes’ and it’s necessary to nurture your emotional needs, as much as your physical needs.

Our friendly team of Therapists are trained experts in delivering exceptional service to our clients. We are not about simply making your skin glow, your nails shine or your muscles relax – we are about making you feel beautiful, happy and healthy on the inside. Being part of our clients’ self-care regime is really important to us.

For more practical advice on self-care, wellbeing and any of our holistic health, beauty & wellbeing treatments get in touch today.

Award-winning beauty salon

Thank you to our team of Therapists who contributed some wonderful self-care tips. They are part of the reason we have been shortlisted as a BABTAC & CIBTAC Beauty Salon of the Year Awards finalist 2019! Read more about this here.

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