Sailors and Slaves ….to beauty

Have you ever wondered why some people can sail through life looking fabulous with the minimum amount of effort, whilst others are a slave to their beauty regime and spend large amounts of time and money on beauty and still don’t achieve a good result?

We will always know people who seem to have it all from the moment that they were born, and put in no effort at all, but they are usually few and far between. It’s not always what you are born with that matters and over the years I have met and treated people who have not been blessed with naturally good looks but have matured better than their ‘have-it-all’ colleagues by making a few sensible choices when it comes to beauty.

Today, it’s no wonder that women (and men) get coerced into spending huge amounts of money on products and treatments as there is such an array of things to choose from.  The marketing of these products and  services is often very compelling and at times very aggressive. The beauty industry is worth around £17 billion to the UK economy and we are encouraged to spend more and more. However, it’s not necessary to sink large amounts of your money, and time, into looking the best you can.

Over the years I have helped the clients who visit us to think smart when it comes to beauty treatments and product purchase. In this article I am going to guide you into what to think about to save you valuable time and hard-earned money with a few simple steps to help you look your best.

The first step is to assess and prioritise. Be truly objective about your good points and your weaker ones. This can be difficult, so if you are struggling with this step get help from a good friend or a trusted source such as a qualified beauty therapist or personal stylist.

Once, you have made this initial, and often most demanding, step the following processes are plain sailing.

Firstly, look at your makeup routine. In the Spring and Summer months less is more with your makeup routine. Try honing it back to the basics with the following tips.

If you are medium to fair in colouring, get your eyebrows and eyelashes professionally tinted.

Having well-defined, darker lashes and brows means your eyes will always look fabulous and  lasts for around six weeks with no fuss of brow pencils or mascaras. Always insist on getting a patch test before any tinting service for your safety.

To wake up with a gorgeous glow in the morning requiring minimal or no foundation application, mix a small amount of self-tan into your night cream and apply before you go to bed. Don’t do this if you have excessive pigmentation as you may wake up looking more ‘leopard than lovely’ as the tanning ingredients tend to make age spots look worse. Also avoid if you suffer from blackheads and breakouts as the ingredients in these self-tanning products tend to clog pores.

With tinting and mixing a small amount of self-tan into your night cream, this not only saves time in the morning, but also saves time at night as you won’t need to spend time removing heavy makeup. Add just a slick of coloured lip gloss in the morning to your lips to give you a great fresh-faced and light springtime look with minimum effort.

If you are dark you can skip the tinting process, get a great eyebrow shape to lift and frame your eyes and use a clear mascara to add gloss and shine to your lashes. This product also doubles up to tame unruly eyebrows.

Secondly, look at your skin care routine. Contrary to popular belief you do not need tons of skin care products and layers of creams for you skin to look its best. Have a spring-clean clear out of all the bottles and jars of products that you have bought which you are either not using now or taking too much time out of your day to use.

Simplify your skin care routine with effective basics. If you are not sure what to get, request a Face-Mapping service from your Therapist, highlighting that you want a no-nonsense skin care routine!

Get a water- soluble cleanser which cleanses the eye area as well as your facial skin and is

removed with a sponge cloth and water rather than time consuming (and skin dragging!) tissues or cotton wool. This saves you both time and money.

Pick an exfoliator which can be used in the shower in the morning. We love the new Superfoliant by Dermalogica, it’s pollution-particle lifting power leaves skin soft and clean.

Choose an effective serum or booster to use under your moisturiser which targets your main area of concern whether it is dehydration, redness, blemishes or pigmentation.

Opt for a non-spf treatment moisturiser that can be used as a day and night cream. It’s rare to hear me saying opt for a product without sunscreen, however I recommend mixing a really good

sunscreen in with the moisturiser in the morning and use it to top up protection regularly throughout the day.

Thirdly, we have all heard of multi-tasking products but get multi-tasking beauty treatments too! Ask your Beauty Therapist if a ‘bundle’ of tailor- made treatments can be created to address your needs. This can save you both time and money helping you to look fabulous faster.

Finally, ….smile. Smiling makes you instantly look younger and healthier. Wearing a smile is like a  fabulous beauty treatment for your face. But doesn’t smiling create wrinkles? Mainly, smiling

produces temporary wrinkles and the positive effects that smiling creates more than outweighs the negative effect of smile lines. Smiling helps to emphasise your cheek bones and lips, lifts the face and reduces stress. In addition, it not only makes you look good but brighten’s every one else’s day too!

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