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Written by Angela, 18th May 2017


One of the most frequent requests from our clients is how to get a more radiant and glowing skin, so I am going to share with you my top five tips to get a dewy, radiant skin this Spring.

My first tip is, if you want to get a glow and fast then ..cheat! There are a variety of products on the market that will give you an instant and radiant glow.

One of our firm favourites in the Tarporley salon is Skin Perfect Primer and it’s fast becoming a favourite in our salon near Cheshire Oaks too! It’s smooth texture, slight hint of colour and powdered pearl gives an immediate glow.

Pearl is known to give a luminosity to the skin and when I was examining in Beauty Therapy in the far East, I remember one of the models in Japan extolling the virtues of pearls. They are prized in that area for their ability to condition and perfect the skin, but it’s not only the fact that the small particles are light-reflective giving the appearance of perfect skin, they also act as a potent antioxidant, and contain polysaccharides, 17 amino acids, minerals and proteins to improve the condition of you skin.

So new formulations of primer are going far beyond the purely aesthetic effects and are now offer amazing skin benefits too.

Of course, we can’t just rely on a primer for skin radiancy, we need to address ways in which to put the moisture back into our skin and how we can get skin to lock in moisture for longer; so my following tips are how you can achieve this most effectively.

Make sure that exfoliation becomes an important part of your beauty regime and your professional skin treatments. At home, choose an exfoliation system that best suits your lifestyle as well as your skin type. By removing surface dead skin cells it will not only give your skin a beautiful glow it will allow the moisturising ingredients in your serums and creams to work more effectively.

My favourite exfoliant is Dermalogica’s Gentle Cream exfoliant for home use. It’s a soft, creamy mask that gently and effectively dissolves dead skin cells leaving a glowing and radiant skin condition after 15 minutes. To save time, this mask can be applied whilst you are doing something else such as getting your breakfast, or brushing your teeth.

With the best will in the world we don’t always have a quarter of an hour to exfoliate, so products such as Daily Resurfacer is a quick, non-rinse, easy method to use at home to remove dead skin cells is a good option.

There is a wide range of exfoliating options we can use to manage your skin in the treatment room. Professional exfoliation treatments are a great way to resurface, smooth and brighten skin and will take place after a double cleanse to remove all traces of oil, debris and make-up.

The correct exfoliating techniques will be ascertained during your Face Mapping skin analysis and the levels of exfoliating strength will be built up over the course of your treatment plan to give you a radiant skin.

The skin needs to be protected fully after deep exfoliation and your Therapist will give you the correct homecare advice to maintain the benefits.

Next look at serums and boosters to add an extra moisture boost to your skin care regime. These usually have ingredients like hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance that will lock onto moisture molecules and hold them onto your skin to give long-lasting hydration. Spritz your face first with a spray-on toner to give the molecules something to lock onto to make sure the product is working to its optimal capacity.

Choosing the correct moisturiser is essential to give the moisture levels your skin needs to make it radiant. If your skin is not oil tolerant choose a moisturiser that gives hydration without additional oil. Classic moisturiser formulations contain oils and waxes to create a film on the skin in order to trap in moisture; modern and sophisticated formulations work slightly differently so that the skin can breath whilst maintaining optimum moisture levels.

Another tip, if you have excess fluff on your face it’s difficult to create a glow as light needs to reflect from the skin to create radiancy, so consider ways in which to remove excess hair. Facial fluff is quick and easy to remove with threading and we carry out a lot of facial threading in Tarporley as well as the salon near Cheshire Oaks. In fact, it is fast becoming one of our most popular treatments at Sensoria Beauty. Why don’t you ask for for a free demonstration at your next visit with us?

Finally, it will be no surprise that lifestyle factors such as getting plenty of sleep, eating well, drinking lots of water, avoiding the sun and exercising moderately helps to keep your skin in top condition.

I say exercising moderately, as exercising in excess shortens the telomeres in your DNA which is a marker for premature ageing. When I was judging for the Professional Beauty Awards I had a long discussion with one of the Doctors who was a finalist in the Medispa section in London, about the benefits versus negative side effects of exercise on the skin and we both agreed – think carefully before running that marathon if you want a radiant skin that lasts!

by Angela Bartlett, Sensoria Beauty

Originally published May 18, 2017 15:49pm, updated January 15, 2024

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