Top tips for the perfect cleanse

Written by Angela, 28th December 2012

With grime, pollution and long-lasting make-up, a quick splash with soap and water no longer cuts it on the cleansing front! Our skin is actually now “dirtier” than it was in our mother’s and grandmother’s time, thanks to the presence of environmental pollutants and ‘extended wear’ make-up.

Soap and water can’t penetrate the layer of oil-based debris that coats the surface of the skin. In fact, even a more thorough cleansing with a surfactant- based cleanser won’t fully melt down this barrier. What we really need to do is say hello to the ‘double cleanse’. The double cleanse has been part of the professional skin treatment for many years, and it’s time we all embraced its dramatic results! The first cleanse should be carried out with a product that will dissolve oil-based debris and surface dirt. We recommend Dermalogica’s Pre-Cleanse which is ideal for the job. This prepares the way for an ‘in-depth’ cleanse with a cleanser suitable for skin type and skin concerns. Whether it be a foaming face wash or a creamy cleanser the skin has been prepared for an efficient cleanse with Pre-Cleanse.

So for a professional clean at home, to really have the healthiest glowing skin just try dedicating a little time to your skin every day. Unfortunately unlike the latest fashion we can’t just update our skin, it’s with us forever so definitely worth the investment. Just think… how clean is your skin really?

Originally published December 28, 2012 16:01pm, updated January 15, 2024

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