Is ‘wellbeing’ good for you?

Written by Angela, 3rd May 2021

Did you know that #wellbeing and #wellness have been some of the most frequently used hashtags in recent times. But what is ‘wellbeing’ and is everything that is marketed as ‘wellbeing’ good for you?

The meaning of wellbeing in the Oxford English Dictionary defines it as anything that makes the state of being more comfortable, healthy, or happy and this includes:

  1. Physical wellbeing. Such as lifestyle choices that affect the functioning of our bodies. This includes the exercise we get and what we eat.
  2. Emotional or psychological wellbeing. Our mental balance and our ability to cope with everyday life which reflects in how we think and feel about ourselves.
  3. Social wellbeing. A sense of social inclusion and belonging and includes values and relationships as well as other belief and lifestyle factors.
  4. Spiritual wellbeing. Our inner self, or a greater power, and our ability to experience and integrate meaning and purpose in life.
  5. Intellectual wellbeing. Expanding our knowledge and skill set can help us live an enjoyable and successful life.
  6. Economic wellbeing. The ability to meet our basic needs and feel a sense of financial security.

The list above highlights the fact that the meaning of wellbeing is multi-faceted and what one person may feel is their perfect state of wellbeing may be completely different from another person.

Which treatments and methods are marketed as good for your wellbeing?

From food to exercise and from spa treatments to meditation there are many ‘wellbeing’ paths to take. But as with everything in life there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ route to feeling a sense of feeling well.

Here we are going to take a look at a few of the wellbeing disciplines on offer and explore if they are good for you and if there are any negative side effects that you may need to be aware of.

Is exercise good for my skin and wellbeing?

Exercise is promoted as a great wellbeing addition to your daily routine. It improves cardio vascular function, increases flexibility, improves strength and shape, amongst other benefits. But is all exercise beneficial and how good is it for my skin too?

Before starting any exercise programme always consult your GP for their approval as any underlying health conditions will have to be considered. Choose types of exercise that are compatible with your age and general state of fitness.

If you are exercising out-of-doors ensure that you have plenty of sunscreen applied and re-apply it religiously to avoid unwanted pigmentation, lines and wrinkles.

Also, did you know that vigorous and prolonged exercise can shorten the telomeres in your DNA and lead to premature skin ageing? Vigorous exercise, or exercise you don’t enjoy can lead to increased stress, raising cortisol levels and depositing more fat around your belly. So choose exercise that you enjoy and whilst it needs to be challenging, don’t over-exercise to a point where you are stressed by it.

Spa Treatments in Cheshire for Wellbeing

Spa treatments are really popular in Cheshire and at Sensoria relaxation treatments are booming. Following the pandemic people are needing touch therapies more than ever. Massage, reflexology, head massage and relaxation facials are in great demand.

As well as these conventional ‘touch therapies’ some spas offer water treatments too as many people love the relaxation element of floatation tank or a good bubble in a jacuzzi. They also serve as a social meeting point in between individual treatments so are popular with groups of friends and family.

Well-run spas religiously test their water facilities and when I am making visits for Professional Beauty Awards it is one of the areas that is checked very carefully. Water facilities need to be sampled, checked and recorded every few hours for safety.

Managing water facilities can be very difficult and less reputable spas do not check their water as frequently as required. Not checking regularly can lead to the rise of water-borne infections which can infect the clients that are using the facilities. Legionella is one of the micro-organisms that spas with warmth and water need to be particularly aware of as they can accumulate in warm damp areas like saunas too.

Always avoid spas which allow glasses in areas where there are water treatments. Only plastic glasses should be used in case of breakages. Once a glass has been broken in an area such as poolside or in a jacuzzi it is incredibly difficult to remove the fragments of glass.

Are all massage treatments good for you?

Massage, in my opinion, is one of the best wellbeing treatments. The feeling of human touch in a caring and therapeutic manner can transport tight or tired muscles into a state of bliss. The feeling of ‘switching off’ or having downtime with massage gives a boost to mental wellbeing too. However, over the years I have noticed that too many people opt for Deep Tissue or Sports Massage in the misguided belief that the more it hurts the more good it does. This is just not the case. If it hurts, your muscles will tighten up more causing more stress and tension in the tissues. Building up the depth of massage through regular treatments is the best course of action. After all no one would run a marathon without at least doing a 5K run first, right? Well, it’s the same with massage, don’t just jump straight in with an intense massage treatment, build up in stages to a deeper massage. And remember, sometimes a gentler massage can yield as many benefits as a vigorously deep one.

The benefits of massage include:

  1. reduced muscle tension
  2. improved circulation
  3. stimulation of the lymphatic system
  4. reduction of stress hormones
  5. relaxation
  6. increased joint mobility and flexibility
  7. improved skin tone
  8. improved recovery of soft tissue injuries
  9. heightened mental alertness
  10. 10.reduced anxiety and depression
  11. 11.Improved sense of body image…..

Massage for an improved sense of body image

We live in an age where photographs get digitally altered and where we are bombarded with messages about the perfect body. The media tells us we may be too fat, too thin, too old, too wrinkly or too hairy and body dissatisfaction has become a part of life.

At Sensoria we see all types of bodies and in all the thousands of bodies that have passed through our expert hands, we have never seen one as perfect as those we see on Instagram!

So whatever your shape, size, age or hairiness you can rest assured we have seen a body like yours at least one hundred times before. Whether it is for massage, waxing or other treatments whatever you look like is not unusual to us.

Healthy touch in the form of massage, can help you to appreciate your body just as it is, with its wrinkles, scars, cellulite and bulges. Massage has the potential to boost self-confidence and self-care.

More Top Tips for your wellbeing

Here are five simple tips to improve your overall wellness:

  • Connect. By talking and listening to others and always living in the moment.
  • Be active and enjoy what you do.
  • Take notice and remember that even the simplest things in life can give you joy.
  • Embrace new experiences and seek new opportunities.
  • Give people your time, your words and your presence.

Wellbeing in Tarporley & Ellesmere Port

Our top four wellbeing treatments are:

  1. Swedish massage. A one hour massage can leave you floating on air and a course of six massages not only gives you greater benefits but saves you money too.
  2. Head in the Clouds massage. This seated massage is great if you are a little short on time or prefer an upright massage. This can also be done full clothed and is a great introduction to the benefits of massage. Ideal if you suffer from eye strain or scalp tension.
  3. Reflexology. The myriad of reflex points in the feet give you a ‘whole body’ wellness experience bringing the body back to state of balance. Not quite ready for reflexology? Try…
  4. Foot Bliss. A firm yet relaxing foot massage incorporating some of the key reflexology points to bring about a state of relaxation and repair.

For more information on our wellbeing and award-winning treatments contact us here.

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Originally published May 3, 2021 11:34am, updated January 15, 2024

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