Is it time you invested in sunscreen? Here are our 4 sun protection shopping tips

Written by Angela, 30th May 2019

Let’s talk about sunscreen. Most know how important it is. Some now understand we shouldn’t just be wearing it on a sunny day. Few really know what sun protection they should buy.

It’s true that shopping for suncare can seem overcomplicated. With so many abbreviations, buzzwords and ingredients, how do you know which is the best sunscreen to choose?

At Sensoria, as skin care experts, we want to simplify it for you by sharing our top 4 sunscreen shopping tips.

However, before we get started, let’s answer a very important question…

Why do you need to protect your skin from the sun?

Many of us love the sunshine. Especially in the UK when it’s admittedly a rarity. At the first glimpse of blue skies, most of us are making our excuses and heading outdoors. After all, spending some time in the sun can even be very important for our mental health & wellbeing. Not to mention it boosts vitamin D and bone health.

However, before you step outside, do you think about the effect the sun has on your skin?

Despite the sun’s various health benefits, the sun is certainly not good for your skin. It causes burning, prematurely ages your skin and can even increase your risk of developing cancer.

At Sensoria, we think that sunscreen is one of the most important aspects of your daily skin care routine.

Sunscreen is prevention, rather than cure, for many skin concerns. The truth is that the sooner you understand how to protect your skin from the sun, the healthier your skin will remain.

So, here are the things to look out for on your next sunscreen shopping trip…

1. Check the SPF

A good place to start is looking for the SPF (Sun Protection Factor). At an absolute minimum, we recommend SPF20.

SPF protects you from the UVB rays which cause your skin to burn. At Sensoria, we think higher protection is best. One of our favourite products is Dermalogica’s Solar Defense Booster SPF 50 for its maximum coverage.

2. Remember the UVA star protection

Sunscreen is not just about SPF. You’ll also need to check the star rating for UVA protection. Anything above 4 or 5 is generally considered a good sunscreen.

Broad spectrum protection

Did you know that even if you are wearing a high SPF, if it’s not broad spectrum you won’t be fully protected from both UVA & UVB rays?

UVA & UVB – what’s the difference?

  • UVB rays cause your skin to burn, age & are the main causes of skin cancer.
  • UVA rays contribute more to the ageing of your skin, like wrinkles. Also, they can cause cancer.

Broad spectrum protects you from all UV light. So, if a product says that it’s broad spectrum, it’s likely a good choice to fully protect your skin against not only burning but against the signs of ageing also.

3. Look out for active ingredients

With so many active ingredients out there it can be hard to understand what you actually need. From zinc oxide to oxtinoxate these active ingredients filter out UV lights in different ways.

Also, you should keep an eye out for antioxidant vitamins C & E. They don’t only keep your skin soft & smooth but they provide added defence against skin-ageing free radicals.

For a full breakdown on what sunscreen you should use take a look at Dermalogica’s sun protection skin care chart.

4. Ignore tanning myths

It never ceases to amaze us how many myths there are associated with tanning. At Sensoria, we want to separate the facts from the myths so you can truly understand why you are using sunscreen.

Here are some sun protection questions we’ve heard…

Will a base tan protect your skin?


Tanned skin is damaged skin. In fact, tanning is a way of the skin trying to protect itself from UV rays by producing melanin.

For a healthy natural-looking glow, we recommend Brush On Block. The tinted mineral sunscreen has a hint of warm colour, which allows you to safely build a radiant tanned complexion while protecting your skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays.

Did you know Sensoria is an expert in St Tropez sunless tanning?

If you do want to achieve a summer glow without harming your skin, a St Tropez spray tan is another great safe alternative to natural tanning.

To book a St Tropez sunless tan in Tarporley click here.

Or, for our Ellesmere Port salon book here.

Will a shady day protect your skin?


UVA rays can penetrate cloud and glass, all year round. So, for healthy skin, you need to make sure you are wearing broad spectrum sunscreen, rain or shine.

If you’re serious about sun protection, you’ll start to think of “sun damage” as “light damage”.

At Sensoria, one sunscreen for your face that we think is great for everyday protection is Dermalogica’s Prisma Protect SPF30. Activated by visible light, it helps boost skin’s luminosity while offering broad spectrum defence, keeping you safe from UVA rays that speed up the ageing process.

Will one application protect your skin?


Although it’s tedious, it’s crucial you remember to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. Even more so if you have been swimming or sweating during exercise.

For those getting active outdoors, we recommend Dermalogica’s Protection 50 Sport SPF50. It’s perfect for sports enthusiasts due to its water resistance.

Dermalogica products at Sensoria

You can buy all the Dermalogica suncare products listed above and Super Sensitive Shield, Oil Free Matte Block, Sheer Tint SPF 20, Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30 and Brush on Block® from both our Tarporley & Ellesmere Port salons. Get in touch to reserve yours.

Unlock beauty benefits

Did you know that for every skin care product purchase made at Sensoria, you’ll receive points on your Treat Card?

From prize draws to complimentary treatments, you can unlock lots of wonderful benefits with a Sensoria Treat Card.

Skin care specialists in Cheshire

At Sensoria, results-driven skin care is at the core of what we believe in. We offer our clients a range of professional products that are proven to protect your skin from the sun. After all, as much as you should enjoy the sunshine, the sun’s UV rays are a form of radiation and should be taken seriously if you wish to keep your skin looking younger for longer.

Advanced micro-needling

We do also understand that sometimes this information comes a little too late for some. Perhaps you feel that you’re already suffering from premature ageing such as wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots. If that’s the case, we can help you at Sensoria.

We offer Rejuvapen micro-needling skin treatment to help combat the signs of ageing caused by sun exposure.

If you’d be interested in reversing the signs of sun damage, you can arrange a Rejuvapen consultation with one of our qualified and friendly expert Skin Care Therapists. Get in touch here.

We hope this blog post about choosing sunscreen has been helpful and you now feel confident to choose the right sun protection for your skin. However, if you do feel unsure don’t hesitate to get in touch.

At Sensoria, we are experts in skin care and can advise you about the right products & treatments to suit your skin.

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