How to combat ‘Inflammaging’

Written by Angela, 2nd March 2017

The term ‘inflammaging’ may be a new word to many of you but can you believe it has actually been around for over a decade. It was first coined by an Italian doctor by the name of Claudio Franceschi.

Inflammaging describes the phenomenon of chronic inflammation in the skin resulting in premature skin ageing. Sometimes inflammation is visible with signs of redness, flushing, stinging, itching or irritation in the skin but it can also be invisible too as some inflammation cannot be seen with the naked eye. This long term inflammation results in the break down of collagen and elastin in the skin leading to lines, wrinkles, sagging and premature ageing.

When a new client comes to us at Sensoria for help with anti-ageing skin treatments, the first thing we address before anything else is any skin sensitivity, redness or inflammation. It is pointless working on anything else until the skin has been calmed and soothed. Working with more active products on a sensitised skin is counter productive for long term skin health and ultimate rejuvenation.

Ultra calming products combined with electrical therapy allowing key ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin to soothe it and combat sensitisation is usually our first choice of salon skin treatment at Sensoria for a skin showing signs of sensitisation.

A sensitised skin condition is common in people of North European ancestry, possibly because of our thinner epidermal skin layer and reduced amount of pigment, but it can occur in people with any racial background or skin colour. Modern living also exposes us to higher levels of pollution which can also lead to sensitisation and inflammaging. Check out for a daily update of ageing particle pollution in your area. Wherever you live, Tarporley, Beeston, Cheshire Oaks or Ellesmere Port the level of particle skin ageing will vary day to day and you may be surprised what you find.

At Sensoria we take a holistic approach to skin health; clients need to be mindful of what goes into their bodies as well as what they apply to their skin. Smoking, alcohol, certain medications and foods can all have an inflammaging effect on the body. Keep a note of what ‘reddens’ your skin, it could be spicy food or artificial sweetener that causes the pinkness or perhaps increased stress levels and try to avoid or minimise the impact of these factors.

When selecting skin care products for home use look for ingredients which have a soothing and calming influence on the skin such as green tea or liquorice. Avoid the use of soaps and over exfoliating the skin with granular scrubs if you want to reduce inflammaging. And guys, always use a protective medium before shaving as dull razors can also weaken the skin’s barrier function leaving it vulnerable and prone to environmental assault.

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Originally published March 2, 2017 21:47pm, updated January 15, 2024

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