How often do YOU need a professional facial?

Written by Angela, 7th February 2019

Let us help you work out how frequently you need a professional facial for best skin care results.

Firstly, how old are you?
Your skin is a living organ and as you age skin cell renewal slows down, collagen production reduces and the dead skin cells on the skins surface do not ‘slough off’ as easily. If you are older than thirty five then your skin will generally benefit from more frequent facials to help boost collagen production, speed up cell renewal and generally improve skin radiance. When you are younger, unless you have issues such as blocked pores, dehydration, skin sensitivity or acne, your skin needs less frequent facials.

Which types of facial or skin treatment do you usually opt for?

If you usually opt for skin treatments which contain peels, microdermabrasion, skin needling, intense pulsed light or other electrical treatments or other ‘hi-tech’ aspects then these will be carried out less frequently than a ‘traditional’ or ‘manual’ facial.

What is your skin type?

Some skin ‘types’ need more care than others. If your skin is fairly ‘normal’ or ‘combination’ it will most likely need less frequent facials. The further your skin deviates from the ‘norm’, that it is to say, towards the very oily or very dry skin ends of the ‘skin type spectrum’, then the more frequent your facials will need to be. If you have skin which is prone to acne and breakouts you will most likely need to have a facial at least once a month until it has cleared and calmed down.

How much money do you have to spend on your skin?

This can be a major factor in determining how frequently you have a facial – your budget! A good Beauty Therapist or Skincare Expert will work with you and your budget and develop a plan as you will need to invest in products to use at home as well as have salon treatments. If you cannot stretch to frequent facials then at least have a regular one as the seasons change -spring, summer, autumn and winter. At Sensoria we provide regular free Skin Solver treatments when you purchase your home care from us so this can really help you make your money stretch further.

Where do you live?

Your environment has a big effect on your skin. If you live or work in a dirty or polluted environment you will not only need more frequent salon facials but you will also need a more rigorous home care routine too. Your facial treatment and home care products will most likely include charcoal to trap and remove pollution particles to keep your skin clean and healthy.

Do you have any skin ‘challenges’ ?

Skin conditions such as dehyrdration, redness, blackheads, milia or wrinkles may require some intensive salon work to help balance and correct the skin condition. Clogged pores can be softened and removed with professional extractions that can’t be removed in the same way at home. Brown spots or pigmentation will need special help to fade them and dehydration will need frequent hydrating treatment. If you need a series of facials then purchase a course of facials as they work out less expensive than buying them individually.

How well do you look after your skin at home?

Are you a soap and water fan? Do you exfoliate and apply a mask only when you remember? Do you sometimes forget to cleanse and moisturise? Do you only use sunscreen when it’s sunny? If you have said ‘yes’ to one or more of the above, you are going to need a professional salon facial far more frequently than someone who religiously cleanses and moisturises twice a day, applies sunscreen every morning and delights in a twice weekly exfoliation and mask application ritual. Nothing can replace an excellent skin care routine at home, but if you struggle then do take advantage of our free Dermalogica Skin Solver treatments which you can have when you purchase your home care products from Sensoria. You can book into the salon for ten minutes for a variety of different Skin Solvers, for example to ‘put your skin to bed’ at the end of the day, ‘wake it up’ in the morning, ’brighten it’ when it’s looking a little dull … the list is endless!

Originally published February 7, 2019 20:39pm, updated January 15, 2024

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