How Laser IPL Hair Removal works for underarm hair

Written by Angela, 13th March 2020

If you are fair-skinned and dark-haired then I bet that you are tired of shaving or waxing your underarm area. Right? No sooner have you shaved than a dark shadow is appearing, limiting your options of the types of tops you can wear in the spring and summer months. Many celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian have reaped the benefits of laser hair removal. So if you are tired of semi-permanent methods of hair removal with the irritation, lumps and bumps it can leave and are looking for something more long-lasting then laser IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) could be for you.

Below is the story of one of our underarm hair removal clients at Sensoria who wanted to share her IPL Laser Hair Removal journey.

IPL – a safe alternative to waxing

“Since puberty, I have always had very dark, strong body hair and it’s been very time-consuming and an effort to keep on top of it. I used to shave but I had to do it so frequently that I got tired of it. In my twenties, I switched to waxing, which was great at first and then I started to experience quite a lot of ingrowing hairs. I know this doesn’t happen to everyone, but I was unlucky and because my skin is very fair, in fact almost white, the red bumps started to look worse to me than the dark hair, plus on top of that they could be quite sore at times.”

Lynton Lasers – part of the NHS supply chain

“I spoke to Angela about my dilemma and she convinced me to give IPL a go. They use an IPL unit from Lynton Lasers at Sensoria and after a bit of research, I found that they are one of the safest and most effective machines on the market. Angela explained that the machine is in the NHS supply chain for its safety and effectiveness.”

In-depth consultation & patch test

“My IPL ‘journey’ started with a thorough consultation and a patch test. I must admit I was nervous at first as I don’t like pain at all, however it just felt like a short, hot snap against my skin. A small area was shaved to remove surface hair and the machine adjusted for the right intensity for my skin type and hair type. There was really nothing to it and I felt relieved. The worse thing about it was having to wear protective eye goggles as I wanted to watch but they are necessary to protect your eyes during treatment.”

Long-term hair removal results

“For me, it only took four sessions six weeks apart to completely remove all the hair. In fact, I could see the difference after just one treatment which was encouraging. However, I believe it can take longer for others depending on the skin and hair colour. One of the best things about the whole process was that I didn’t have to let hair grow back in between treatments as I did with waxing as the hair needs to be shaved close to the skin’s surface for the treatment to work safely and well.”

IPL for bikini line, legs and other body parts

“I’m going to progress on to other areas of my body such as bikini line and legs as it has been such a good experience -virtually pain-free, safe and with excellent results.”

IPL – a great investment

“Yes, it was an investment but it was certainly worth it for the freedom it has given me. Also, it was probably nothing compared to the amount of money I have spent on waxing over the years! I know there are cheaper options around but good IPL isn’t cheap – as quality machines cost tens of thousands of pounds.”

IPL hair removal in Cheshire

Are you curious about IPL? If you have enjoyed this blog and want to experience IPL hair removal for yourself just quote ‘IPL Blog’ and you will receive your patch test free of charge (worth £30) and 10% off your first IPL hair removal session. With summer still a few months away you can start your treatment course now and be hair-free and care-free this summer!

For more information on IPL, please feel free to call and a member of the team will reserve a time for you to pop in so we can answer all your questions.

Originally published March 13, 2020 15:46pm, updated January 15, 2024

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