Get the most out of your nail varnish application

Written by Angela, 29th February 2016

Top Tips on getting the most out of your nail varnish application!

  • Prepare your nail plate by rubbing the nail with nail varnish remover on cotton wool until the nail plate ‘squeaks’. Make sure that you have ‘squeaked’ right down the sides of the nails and around the cuticles too!
  • Always apply a base coat. This is especially important if you are wearing dark nail varnish colours, but for any colour it will help to adhere the varnish onto the nail plate and stop it wearing off so quickly. We recommend Seche Base Coat
  • Apply a tough, hard wearing top coat to stop your varnish from chipping. The best top coat is Seche Vite – if it’s good enough for Kate Middleton on her wedding day it’s good enough for us ?
  • Be careful when you are applying sunscreen as it is renowned for taking the sheen off nail varnish! Try applying your sunscreen wearing disposable gloves to protect your varnish.
  • Every couple of days reapply your top coat to the tips of the nails to protect your varnish.

Originally published February 29, 2016 20:16pm, updated January 15, 2024

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