Our Top Tips for using Skin Primers

Written by Angela, 31st January 2013

Before you apply your foundation you can use a product to prime your face – just like using a primer to prime a wall or woodwork before you paint it! The purpose of using a primer is to ease the application of foundation and help create a barrier between your skin and foundation.

Try using a primer in hot weather as they help your foundation to stay in place and prevent sliding.

Use a primer if you feel you would like a barrier between your skin and foundation as primers help to prevent your skin absorbing talc and pigment from your makeup products.

Check out the ingredients of your primer. Many of them contain active botanical ingredients to soothe and refresh your skin

Gently smooth on primer if you have fine lines, wrinkles or open pores that need diminishing.

Wait for about 20 seconds after applying your primer before applying your foundation.

If you have high colour choose a primer which has a slight green tint. If you have sallow skin choose one with a mauve or lavender tint.

Primer extends the wear of your makeup so always use it if your makeup has to last all day!

Originally published January 31, 2013 19:36pm, updated January 15, 2024

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