Double Cleansing – the cornerstone of great skin care

Written by Angela, 9th June 2020

Model with Active Clay Cleanser

Did you wonder why we always double cleanse at the beginning of your salon facial and why we recommend that you do this at home too?

Firstly, ‘back to basics’ with skin cleansing and remembering why we bother to cleanse our faces at all! Quite simply, cleansing your skin is a good hygiene measure, and especially in this time of covid-19 cleanliness is of great importance. In particular cleansing around the mouth and nose area where large amounts of unwanted micro organisms can build. 

Thoughout the day your skin becomes contaminated not only with unwanted micro-organisms, but also with dirt, pollution particles and skin secretions, all of which need to be gently but thoroughly removed for good skin hygiene. This ‘pollution-particle cocktail’ combined with genetic and environmental factors such as diet and stress can also increase the likelihood for premature ageing in the skin. So cleansing your skin at the end of the day makes good sense. And, are you wearing makeup? This adds a whole new dimension to the reason why you should cleanse your skin at night and is explained in a different article here

Why should I cleanse my skin in the morning?

So if cleansing your skin at night is to remove pollution, dirt and makeup, why cleanse your skin in the morning? You haven’t been wearing makeup and you have only been sleeping, so you may think that your skin is ‘clean’, right? 

Overnight your skin is a very hard working organ; it transforms from having a protective barrier function during the day to a regenerative role at night. There are skin secretions that build up overnight which need removing in the morning to leave your skin fresh, clean and ready to start a new day.

Sensoria are experts in skin cleansing

If you are unsure what or how to cleanse your skin, come in and see one of our Dermalogica Experts who will be happy to guide you in the right direction and teach you everything from basic cleansing for beginners to giving tip and tricks to the more experienced in skin cleansing -there is something for everyone and always something new that you can learn. 

So why isn’t one cleanse enough?

The debris that builds up on your skin falls into two camps:

  1. Oil-based debris, and 
  2. Water-based debris

Oil based debris includes oily skin secretions from the oil-producing glands in the skin. This oily substance can attract unwanted dirt causing it to stick to the skins surface causing it to look dull and reducing the skins ability to function as efficiently. 

This is particularly likely in the ’T-Zone’ area of the forehead, nose and chin where there is a higher concentration of these oil-producing or ‘sebaceous’ glands. 

Make-up, and especially long-wear makeup, will have an oil content in the formulation too. Oil based debris is most effectively removed using an oil-based cleansing product as it will dissolve it more effectively. 

If your skin is dry or dehydrated using an oily cleansing product is usually really enjoyable as it makes the skin feel very ‘comfortable’. If your skin is oily, it may seem strange or even a little alarming to use an oil-based product, but the formulations of a good oil-based cleanser are sophisticated and non-pore clogging. Also, you will be following the oil-based cleanser step with a second cleanse, so no remnants of the oily product will remain on your skin.

Your second cleanse is with a water-based cleanser. This second cleanse will remove all traces of the initial oil-based cleanser, together with any contaminants it contains, from your skin. The second cleanse is always called a ‘prescriptive’ cleanser, as it is selected for your particular skin type or skin challenge. The cleanser will have ingredients in it to start actively treating your skin concerns. 

What will double cleansing do for my skin?  

Double cleansing will leave your skin thoroughly clean which means that it will look brighter, function better and be more receptive to the active ingredients contained in your other skin care products. If skin is not thoroughly cleansed the debris can act as a barrier to your skin serums and treatment creams. Double cleansing your skin will give you a more radiant and clearer glow. 

What type of cleansing products should I use?

As we discussed above, you will need an oil based cleanser followed by a water-based prescriptive cleanser. 

If your skin is inclined to be oily, a light soap-free foaming cleanser or a clay based cleanser will be a good choice. For dry or dehydrated skins something a little richer with moisturising ingredients will leave your skin clean and comfortable. Sensitive skins should choose calming and non-irritating gel-cream formulas to sooth and reduce redness. If you are concerned about skin ageing choose a cleanser which includes active ingredients such as fruit acids to give a gentle exfoliation effect too.

More Top Tips for cleansing

  1. Be gentle with your skin. Use firm but gentle movements when applying and removing your cleanser.
  2. Always use tepid water 
  3. Select pH balanced cleaners to avoid disturbing the acid-mantle of your skin
  4. Avoid soap-based cleansers which are alkaline for the reasons above
  5. Many cleansers are not designed for the delicate eye area so always read the label before using around the eyes
  6. If you are unsure on which cleansers to select, get expert help. 
  7. Experiment with vibrating cleansing brushes to get and even more effective cleansing experience. 

Dermalogica cleanser recommendations in Tarporley & Ellesmere Port

  1. Precleanse oil – a deep cleansing, oil-based cleanser to melt away layers of makeup, sunscreen and other oil-based impurities from your skin. Suitable for all skin types and is used as the first step in the double cleanse before your prescriptive cleanser.
  2. Precleanse balm – similar to Precleanse but in a richer, balm formula. Ideal for all skin types, but particularly for dry and dehydrated skins and for travel as it won’t leak in your cosmetic bag!
  3. Active Clay Cleanser – ideal for oily skin. It doesn’t just contain clay to deep-cleanse but also charcoal to purify and probiotics to help balance the skin. Leaves skin smooth and refined.
  4. Special Cleansing Gel  – a firm favourite for most skin types. It’s gently foaming formula is soap-free and removes water-based impurities without leaving the skin dehydrated. At Sensoria we would recommend this cleanser for combination skin types. 
  5. Clear Start Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash – designed for teenagers, but equally effective for our more mature clients suffering from breakouts. Skin feels clean and healthy after use. 
  6. Intensive Moisture Cleanser – great for dry or dehydrated skin. It’s light yet creamy texture removes impurities whilst nourishing the skin. It removes impurities whilst actively nourishing dry, depleted skin. Leaves skin feeling clean, soft and more luminous.
  7. Ultracalming Cleanser – simply the best for sensitive or aggravated skin conditions. The gel-cream formula is gentle, cooling and calming. It’s suitable for even the most delicate of skins and helps to restore the barrier function of the skin. 
  8. Skin Resurfacing Cleanser – great for anyone concerned about skin ageing or premature ageing. More than just a cleanser, it contains lactic acid to have an exfoliating and re-texturising effect on the skin, preparing it for maximum penetration of following active anti-ageing products. Leaves skin smoother and brighter. 
  9. Clearing Skin Wash – superb for anyone experiencing clogged pores and breakouts. This foaming cleanser contains salicylic acid to leave skin clearer and perfectly prepped for following up with other breakout controlling active products.

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Originally published June 9, 2020 17:10pm, updated January 15, 2024

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