December 2012

Written by Angela, 2nd December 2012

Q. My daughter and I like to use good quality skin care products but we have limited funds and lack of storage space so we were wondering if there are any skin care products that we could share. Our skin conditions are quite different, she is sixteen and is prone to breakouts and I’m forty six and need anti-ageing products!  What can you recommend?  

A. As strange as it sounds with the right mix of skin care products, you can take control of both breakouts and signs of aging – without spending a fortune, saving you both money and bathroom space.

Unless your skin is extremely dry, you can both use a gentle, water soluble cleanser and at night use a soft wash cloth in conjunction with the cleanser to ensure that all traces of makeup is thoroughly removed.  You will both benefit from using a Beta-hydroxy acid exfoliator, (you will need to look for ‘salicylic acid’ on the ingredients label). And of course, to protect both your skin and your daughters skin from premature ageing you will both need a good sunscreen so choose one that is non-pore clogging and oil- free. For a full-regime of the products that you can both use please visit the December newsletter page on our website


Q. I have recently returned from a cruise and I had a course of very effective figure treatments which involved hot sea clay with electrodes in them. I can’t remember the name of the treatment, but I would like to continue them now that I am home.

A. I hope you had a good holiday and to return home with a better figure than before your holiday is a real achievement! The treatment you mentioned is, almost without a doubt, Ionithermie (pronounced ‘eye-on-ee-thermee’). It’s a very effective treatment  and best results are seen when used in conjunction with a diet and exercise programme. Two types of gentle, electrical stimulation are employed in this treatment, one to tone the muscle tissue and one to help active products to penetrate the skin. The whole area is encased in thermal sea clay with micronized algae, to tone and condition the skin and the warmth from the sea clay speeding up results.  I would recommend a monthly treatment as a maintenance plan and then a short concentrated course prior to your next holiday to see the best results.

Originally published December 2, 2012 09:17am, updated January 15, 2024

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