Christmas Recovery Treatment

Written by Angela, 4th January 2019

So the festive season is over. Was it a quiet or a hectic one for you? Did you spend more time in the kitchen than on yourself or did you have time to languish?

However, you spent your Christmas I expect that you will have probably eaten and drunk too much over the festive period. Over indulgence combined with short dark days can leave us feeling a bit jaded and lacking in energy.

The start of a new year has a sense of promise and many of us have a New Year Resolution of getting fit, spending more time on ourselves, losing weight and generally taking care of ourselves more. This led us to use our many years of beauty and wellbeing experience to develop our Christmas Recovery Treatment.

The Christmas Recovery Treatment is a limited edition treatment for one month only and is available throughout the month of January. It’s a blissful blend of an energising back massage incorporating essential oils of detoxifying sage, rosemary, rose geranium and cypress. This unique blend stimulates the circulation and invigorates the body.

A good massage can never be underestimated at this time of year; with its power to rebalance the body. Most people have stress and tension in some area of their back whether it is lower back or neck and shoulders, massage will help alleviate tightness, aches and pains. The essential oils used in the massage will help to refresh and invigorate the body giving a sense of wellbeing. The combination of massage, essential oils and warmed massage couches is a real treat for the body and soul.

Hands can take quite a battering over the winter months too. The combination of cold weather, central heating and lack of moisture can lead to dry skin on the hands and around the nails. So we have included a thermal nourishing hand and nail treatment into the Christmas Recovery Treatment to help combat this. Rich, nourishing cream combined with gentle help creates a deeply moisturising treatment for hands and nails.

Throughout the treatment we have added acupressure to stimulate and energise. Points are located on the neck, hands and feet  to give a much needed boost to your system.

The treatment has been designed to slip into your lunch hour too if you are short on time but want maximum benefits.

Let us help you to stimulate and revive with our Christmas Recovery Treatment.


Originally published January 4, 2019 13:29pm, updated January 15, 2024

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