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Written by Angela, 25th March 2018

Clients in the Tarporley salon and in the salon near Cheshire Oaks have been asking “So what’s all this big fuss about sleep and skin?”

Well, up to 45% of the World’s population need help with sleep and it is at night that the skin is better able to absorb active ingredients and repair damage that has occurred throughout the day. So if you are not sleeping well enough, or long enough, the renewal process of your skin will be compromised.

Did you know that your skin is at its most receptive to active skin care ingredients between the hours of 9-11pm? This is when the skin goes from ‘protect’ mode into ‘repair’ mode rebuilding and rejuvenating your skin. This is probably why your grandmother always told you that you need ‘beauty sleep’, how right she was!

Dermalogica have recently launched a fabulous new product that I am sure will quickly become a firm favourite with our clients who have our facials with us, and probably with those that don’t too! It’s called Sound Sleep Cocoon and once we had got our tongues round the name (after repeatedly calling it Sleep Sound Cocoon) we are loving its gel-cream formula that sinks immediately into the skin for maximum benefit.

It has some new and very interesting ingredients including, amongst other things, Persian Silk Tree to help reduce the signs of fatique and Kakadu Plum Extract which has a massive amount of vitamin C to flood the skin with this antioxidant ingredient.

This product goes beyond a mere night cream though. It promises to help promote sound sleep due to its ‘Motion-Activated Essential Oils’. This means that as you massage it onto your face the micro-encapsulated Lavender, Sandalwood and Patchouli is released and the aroma helps to give you a sound nights sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping you can also download a special widget too by visiting to assist you in your search for a good nights sleep.

If your skin is oily or prone to breakouts you may have struggled with finding a night cream that doesn’t create blemishes and spots, so this formula is perfect for you. If you have dry or dehydrated skin you may like to ‘layer it’ with super rich repair or Power Rich. For those of you using Overnight Retinol Repair well….. it’s perfect for you too as it doesn’t negatively react with this skin care product.

Why not come in and try a 10 minute ‘Skin Solver’ session for just £10? It includes a double cleanse and application of Sound Sleep Cocoon together with a light massage and other ‘night time’ products suitable for your skin.

We look forward to introducing you to a better nights sleep!

Originally published March 25, 2018 21:15pm, updated January 15, 2024

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