All you need to know about skin peels from the experts in Cheshire

Written by Angela, 7th June 2019

At Sensoria, we think it’s time to clear up the misunderstanding around skin peels.

We hope this article helps to shed some light on how they work, their safety and generally what you can expect from an in-salon peel.

skin peels and chemical peels in cheshire by dermalogica salon sensoria

Are skin peels safe and effective?

There are many different types of peels and many different practitioners carrying them out, so always do your homework before making a booking.

Do some research on which brand of peel is going to be used.

Ask: is it a reputable brand with a good safety and efficacy record?

Find out about the strength (or percentage) of the peel and also its pH. It is not always realised, but it’s the pH as well as the percentage which will determine how ‘active’ the peel is.

The lower the pH the more ‘active’ the peeling ingredients will become. So a high percentage peel with a high pH may not be as effective as a lower percentage peel with a lower pH.

Ask who is going to be doing the peel. You need a practitioner who is experienced and confident with skin care who will be able to answer all your questions about the process and any other questions relating to skin health that you may have.

Your practitioner should ask you questions to see how suitable you are for a peel to minimise risks.

Not everyone is suitable! You should also be invited for a patch test to see assess how your skin will react to the products used in the treatment.

Fruit acids used in skin peels

Acid! This can cause alarm. However, the acids are substances derived from naturally occurring plant sources.

Opt for a ‘progressive’ rather than an ‘aggressive’ peel which will give you the maximum peel results with the minimum ‘downtime’ – that means the amount of time that you will not be able to face the world!

A progressive peel will leave you looking a little pink but will not have any significant downtime.

The acids used are generally salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid and phytic acid. Lactic acid has the largest molecule size so penetrates more slowly causing less irritation.

If you are super-nervous and new to peels it may be best to opt for this type of peel as a starter.

Dermalogica Pro Power Peel

At Sensoria, we work with Dermalogica skin peels which are called Pro Power Peels. We have been working with this skin care brand for over 16 years so when they introduced peels we knew we could trust them for their efficacy and safety.

There are three different types of peels to choose from Ultrabright for brightening, hydrating and addressing fine lines, Advanced Renewal for those concerned about skin ageing and Power Clear to combat breakouts, blackheads and congestion.

Initially, one layer of peel is used, but as you progress additional peels can be added in so if you have skin that needs regeneration, gets breakouts and looks dull it’s possible to have all three peels used in one treatment.

How do I prepare for a skin peel?

There are some things that you will need to do to prepare for your peel, but your practitioner will advise you.

The most important points are, if you are using retinol or retin-A you will need to discontinue use around 48-72 hours prior to treatment, this is because they will make the skin more sensitive.

So if you are used to using something like Overnight Retinol Repair at night replace it with something like Power Rich or Super Rich Repair a few days before your peel.

Also, to gain the maximum benefit from your peel we would suggest that you need to be a regular user of exfoliator to remove all the surface dead skin cells.

If you don’t use an exfoliator this is your first step in your journey towards a peel. If you are unsure of the type of exfoliator that is suitable for your skin concerns just let us know and we can help you.

The healthier your skin is the more effective your treatment will be. Well-cared for and hydrated skin will respond better than a neglected skin, so before you consider having a peel get your homecare essentials right first!

What does a Dermalogica skin peel feel like?

Most people experience a mild ‘prickling’ sensation which quickly subsides.

It is extremely comfortable and most clients find it quite a relaxing treatment, particularly if you opt for the Pro Power Peel 60 treatment which includes a Touch Therapy of either a shoulder, scalp, foot or hand and arm massage.

What will I look like after a skin peel?

This will depend on your skin sensitivity, but generally following a progressive peel your skin will look a little pink.

Around 3-5 days later you may experience some flaking, but this varies from person to person.

The effectiveness of a skin peel doesn’t depend on if your skin flakes or not. Some of the best results have occurred on skins that have not flaked.

What will I need to do after the skin peel?

You will need to use gentle products and sunscreen as well as keeping out of the sun for a few days after your treatment to protect your fresh new skin.

Your practitioner will give you all the advice you need, verbally and in writing.

Rejuvapen Skin Needling

Did you know we have also introduced Skin Needling? For this, we use Rejuvapen for their superior safety record and good results.

Although most brands have disposable cartridges for hygiene, Rejuvapen cartridges also have a filter to stop any ‘backflow’ into the equipment eliminating the risk of cross contamination between clients.

Those are just some of the beauty brands we use at Sensoria. From time to time we trial new brands that come onto the market too.

What our clients from Tarporley & Ellesmere Port have said about our skin peels

“My skin looks great after the peel I had last week. Thank you!”

“Fresher and clearer after the Pro Power Peel. Will definitely have another one”

For more information on our award-winning treatments contact us here.

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