5 expert tips to get the best out of your waxing treatments

Written by Angela, 23rd November 2019

Do you wax? If so, this winter we wanted to revisit some waxing basics so that when spring and summer approaches, you can get the best out of every single waxing treatment you have with us at Sensoria.

We highly recommend that you read these words of wisdom, even if you have been having waxing for a long time as we want you to enjoy the feel of smooth, hair-free skin for as long as possible between every appointment.

1. Get some length on your hairs

In order to achieve great waxing results don’t shave the area you are going to have treated within three weeks of your appointment and expect to get great results.

We recommend four to five weeks between treatments and whilst this may be difficult to bare initially it will pay off in the end. Hear us out by reading the ‘why’ below.

Why do I need to wait before waxing?

Firstly, every hair on your face and body grows in a cycle and not all the hairs will have grown back sufficiently for a good result in a short period of time.

Remember that not all the hairs you see at any one time are the hairs that you have. Waiting the right amount of time between treatments will ensure the maximum amount of hair is present to remove at each waxing appointment.

Secondly, and especially if you have shaved since your last waxing treatment, the wax will not pick up short hairs. The hair needs to be long enough to embed in the wax for a thorough removal.

This becomes even more important if your hair is very coarse. A blunt-ended (i.e. shaved), coarse hair will always need to be longer than a fine hair with a tapered end.

Having said that some areas such as the face and underarms may need to be done on a shorter cycle of around two and a half to three weeks.

2. Keep waxing consistent and regular

Be aware that a ‘one-off wax’ is never going to give you the outstanding results that you will be looking for and you need to train your hair into a regular routine.

Once you have a waxing pattern established you will start to see great results, giving you long-lasting smooth results.

Why do I need regular waxing treatments?

It’s similar to the ‘why’ above.

Waxing consistently will train your hairs into a more regular pattern of growth giving our waxing specialists the best chance of removing the maximum amount of hair at each treatment.

Also, constantly stripping out the hair more often than not will make the hair look and feel thinner and finer.

3. Get scrubbing before a waxing treatment

If you wax regularly exfoliation is a must to remove the build up of dead skin cells!

Make sure you choose the right type of scrub for your skin type and also for the job it needs to do. Some exfoliators will just polish the surface of your skin and not give you the results you need for smooth bump-free skin. You can ask our waxing specialists for advice.

You will need to leave at least 48 hours following your wax before exfoliating to avoid irritation and then exfoliate regularly in between visits and in the lead up to your next waxing treatment.

Why do I need to exfoliate?

Removing dead skin cells will help the wax to do a better job of adhering to the (in particular shorter) hairs and also release any surface ingrown hairs so the wax and stick on to those better too. A buildup of dead skin cells can also lead to ingrown hairs too.

Also, if you have hair-free legs you also want them to look smooth and glowing too. Think about having a professional in-salon exfoliation treatment on your legs in between waxing treatments to give a deeper and better result.

4. Moisturise like mad before waxing

You will also need you to moisturise regularly between treatments with a product that gives the skin essential moisture. This is essential in drier areas such as the knees, but is equally as important in other areas too.

At Sensoria, we can recommend a professional ‘at home’ product that is suitable for all areas including intimate areas.

Always remember NOT to moisturise on the day of your wax as any oily film on your legs will not allow the wax to grip hold of the hair effectively. Even though the skin is thoroughly cleansed prior to waxing treatments, some moisturisers are very hard to remove from the hairs.

Why do I need to moisturise?

Dry skin can also mean dry hairs which can lead to hairs breaking at the skin’s surface instead of being pulled out by the wax.

It can also be a part of the ingrown hair problem and by keeping your skin soft and supple it is easier for the new hair growth to break through the skin more easily instead of getting trapped underneath.

5. Use special waxing support products

There are many effective post-wax products available now and depending on how you respond to waxing and how coarse your hair is you may need to consider special waxing products to support your hair removal treatments.

For example, you could benefit from a hair-growth inhibitor or an ingrowing hair solution. A hair-growth inhibitor will help to slow down the regrowth of hair and an ingrowing hair solution will help to treat and prevent ingrowing hairs with their associated unsightly and often painful consequences.

Why would I need special waxing support products?

If your hair growth is coarse and fast using a hair growth inhibitor will allow you to get a longer, hair-free period between your appointments and will usually make the hairs grow finer and more sparse. It needs to be applied for the first few days after your wax.

An ingrowing hair solution is useful if you notice that you get ingrowing hairs. These solutions help to reduce redness and inflammation and ‘out’ ingrowing hairs.

Our waxing specialists can advise you on what is currently available to help you get the best from your treatments.

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We hope you found the waxing blog post interesting. At Sensoria, our aim is to give you long-lasting, hair-free results – helping you feel happy and confident. By taking on board some of these tips, you make the treatment work even better.

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