3 Reasons To Love Dermalogica Skin Treatments in Tarporley

Written by Angela, 21st February 2016

Whether it’s just brewed coffee, the scent of freshly cut grass or your favourite perfume, the sense of smell helps you enjoy life…and of course your beauty treatments. You may therefore have noticed that there has recently been a change to the aroma of the massage oils used in our Dermalogica Skin Treatments at Sensoria.

Quite a few of our clients from Tarporley, Tiverton, Bunbury and surrounding areas love a massage aspect of their facials whether that’s with relaxation massage to the neck and shoulders and therapeutic pressure points, or lifting movements to the face and neck. So when there is a difference to this part of the treatment, people sit up and take notice.

In the Autumn of 2015 Dermalogica made the decision to release new and improved formulations for the Professional Additives which are the 100% pure, concentrated oil blends used for massage and this has resulted in a slightly different aroma from the original blends.

Each formula contains a Synergistic Oil Complex that provides more skin health benefits than before. The carrier oils of hazel seed, wheatgerm and avocado oil form the base of the oils to nourish the skin without excess oiliness. There are then three different additives which work to improve your specific skin type: three more reasons to love Dermalogica Skin Treatments.

Reason 1 – Revitalise your skin

The Rose of Winter and Neroli, combined with other essential oils in Revitalising Additive soothe and increase moisture levels in the skin. This additive is therefore suitable for thinner, older skins that are lack lustre and works to help regenerate and revive your skin condition.

Reason 2 – Clear your skin

The Clearing Additive contains Ylang Ylang and Mooring to balance oil levels along with other essential oils which work to soothe and purify. Its anti-bacterial action is ideal for acne skins challenged with breakouts and congestion.

Reason 3- Soothe your skin

The Lavender and Oat in the Soothing Additive is perfect for sensitive skins to help reduce redness and whilst eucalyptus is present to assist with sinus congestion and breathing problems.

So whatever your skin condition there is now a Dermalogica Additive to improve it. Find out more now by calling Sensoria on 01829 262626

Originally published February 21, 2016 10:52am, updated January 15, 2024

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