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Corporate Beauty Packages & Corporate Wellbeing Packages

At Sensoria we believe in regular self-care in order to elevate your team to a higher state of wellbeing.

Corporate packages

We offer our Corporate Partners comprehensive wellbeing packages to help wellbeing and vitality to run though the heart of your business. 'Wellbeing' is not just a buzzword, it is the key to a healthy workforce.

It is a core element in ensuring your employees can perform at their best, remain motivated and deliver ongoing results in an ever-increasingly competitive world.
As employers, we have a duty to support the mental and physical wellbeing of all our employees.
Wellbeing isn't just about reducing stress or coping with mental illness, it is about building resilience and ensuring you have a purposeful and happy team.

By keeping your employees incentivised and engaged with rewards you can motivate them and drive the performance of your company.

Whether it is emotional wellbeing or physical stresses on the musculoskeletal system we can design a corporate package to suit you and your team.
You will find that putting a wellness programme in place can help to:
• Improve employee engagement
• Help facilitate employee loyalty and retention
• Give your organisation a greater capacity to thrive
• Help with employee recruitment
We can offer both in-clinic and on-site Treatments. On-site Massage is a very cost-effective way to alleviate physical and mental stress. We can fit seamlessly into your work environment. All our Therapists are fully qualified and extremely proficient in their field.
On-site treatments can include:
• Seated massage
• Hand and arm massage

In-clinic treatments can include:
• Massage
• Holistic treatments
• Beauty treatments

Corporate Gift Vouchers

Corporate Gift vouchers are also available for birthdays, special occasions, incentive prizes or just as a treat to say thank you for outstanding commitment.

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